Exclusive sneak peek at Gospel Spice! Here's your Trois Minutes from Paris, France! Aug 28, 2021

This week, I have a very special little nugget especially for you from my upcoming podcast, Gospel Spice. Check this out today!

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It's official! Gospel Spice Podcast will be on your phone on October 1st! Aug 28, 2021

I am excited beyond words to share with you the exciting news that Gospel Spice Podcast will be released October 1st! Look for it on your favorite Podcast App! And join us for a fabulous Facebook launch party soon!

Please join me in prayer for this new endeavor to truly bring a smile on God's...

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Trois Minutes in Paris, France! Aug 28, 2021

Gospel Spice Podcast is coming soon! Check out this Trois Minute sample of what you can expect from us this Fall!

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Stephanie is in Paris, France, recording her brand new podcast! Aug 28, 2021

In this Trois Minutes, I am revealing to you the brand new and exciting project that I have been working on all summer for you. We are getting ready to launch Gospel Spice, the podcast that spices up your time with God! Want more details? It's all right here, in under three minutes!


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Trois minutes - the moon, Sun, rocks and tides all point to HIM! Aug 28, 2021

This week, we're looking at the moon and the Sun, rocks and waves. Did you know that the moon and its tides, as well as the sun and earthquakes, all point to Jesus? Let's embrace Scripture this week with a slightly metaphorical, whimsical way.

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Trois minutes - on how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth...! Aug 28, 2021

This week, let's take a not-so-serious look at how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth...!?! Maybe I am just talking for myself here, but I suspect we have all done it, and multiple times... so, better yet, let's take a quick look at what to do when that happens--whether you are on the...

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Trois minutes - on the approval we are all seeking! Aug 28, 2021

Whose approval do we seek? This week, we're taking a look at approval.  Check this out in under 3 minutes!

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I publish these posts weekly. The best way for you to get them, is to subscribe to my blog - simply enter your...

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Trois minutes - we are half-baked masterpieces! Aug 28, 2021

We are all half-baked masterpieces. Huh? Yes, it's all there in less than three minutes, and it will make you fall deeper in love with Jesus. Pinky promise. You don't have to way until you have it all together to come to Jesus. He is waiting for you--now.

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Trois minutes - five loaves and two fish! Aug 28, 2021

This week, we're looking at five loaves and two fish... it does not matter how little you bring to Jesus, He will always use it to multiply His blessings through you to others. In other words? Bring Him the little you have--courageously--and He will make you glad you did! Then sit back, relax,...

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Trois minutes - the renewal God provides! Aug 28, 2021

When we are born again under God's sovereignty, He replaces our entire life with His life in us. He provides a complete renewal! This manifests itself in so many ways--He gives us a new mind, the mind of Christ, so that we may know Him more and better; He gives us a new heart, a heart of flesh,...

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Trois minutes - the scorched earth policy of the Holy Spirit Aug 28, 2021

When the Holy Spirit invades us as a holy fire, He sometimes comes in gently. And sometimes... rather fiercely! When He roars His fire to refine us from impurities, it can be painful. But the result is always to His glory--a new heart, released from the chains of sin and temptation. When He...

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Trois Minutes - on issues and solutions Aug 28, 2021

The woman who hoped to touch the hem of Jesus' garment believed that the tassels from the hem of His robe would be enough to heal her, where 12 years of doctors had failed. How can we emulate her faith where we too struggle with spiritual hemorrhaging? Whether it's stress, fear, shame, anger,...

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Trois minutes with Stephanie - approved and entrusted! Aug 28, 2021

Bonjour! Paul teaches in 1Thessalonians 2 that we are approved and entrusted: approved of God, and entrusted with the gospel. He describes what this kind of lifestyle looks like in the believer who is seeking to deepen her walk with her precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, let's take a...

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Trois Minutes with Stephanie - She was a work in progress...! Aug 28, 2021

When Jesus praises the woman who anointed His feet, He says that she will be remembered by all generations for what she did to Him that day. So... how do you think YOU will be remembered by all generations to come? And, more importantly, how do you think God will remember you?

I've thought about...

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Trois minutes with Stephanie - Jesus' flesh torn to pieces, Part 2 Aug 28, 2021

The flesh of Jesus was torn to pieces from top to bottom, just like the curtain of the Temple. We are back in Hebrews 10:20 where we looked, last week, at the various elements of the symbolism of the curtain. Now we are digging deeper as we see that the flesh of Christ, torn in pieces from top to...

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Trois minutes with Stephanie - the curtain is Jesus' flesh, part 1 Aug 28, 2021

The curtain of the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom when Jesus surrendered His spirit to the Lord on the cross. The author of the letter to the Hebrews tells us in chapter 10, verse 20, that the curtain is the flesh of Jesus. Now, that is heavy-duty thinking. What does he mean???


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Trois minutes with Stephanie--Spiritual Sugar Detox! Aug 28, 2021

My sugar detox taught me much. When I gave up on all forms of sugar many months ago, something beautiful happened: fruit started tasting phenomenal. You have no idea how intoxicating a strawberry can be, when you have not had fake sugars to cloud your taste buds! So, I asked myself. What fake...

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Trois minutes with Stephanie - in Christ: dead or asleep? Aug 28, 2021

How will we, as believers, experience death? What does Paul mean when he teaches that Jesus' death killed death, so we can experience His resurrection life?

Jesus conquered death. When Paul teaches that Jesus died and that we, as believers, "fall asleep," he does not deny the emotional earthquake...

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Trois minutes - on Peter's THREE! Aug 28, 2021

God had Peter on speed-dial. Ever wondered how God customizes His way to communicate with each one of us? With Peter, He used the number 3 quite a bit. Three! Trois! Three! It was Peter's magic number, God's speed-dial for His apostle.

How do you hear His sweet whisper in your life?

I publish...

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Trois minutes - Approved! Aug 28, 2021

We are approved of God! I love to ponder words. Their origins, their meaning, and how they get translated in various languages. So, today we'll ponder the jaw-dropping meaning of the word "approved" in the original Greek. Because, my dear, we are approved of God!

I publish these posts weekly....

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