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Let the Holy Spirit read Scripture to you! Aug 28, 2021


Something happened today. I was quietly reading my Bible and the Holy Spirit used Scripture to speak to me, influence and shape me, and inform some decisions I need to make. This is both such a common occurrence for the believer, and an extraordinary thing!

Does God speak to you through...

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Your pebble or His Rock? Aug 28, 2021

Bonjour! I was thinking of you today over a cup of tea on a dreary January day, so I figured I would send a message your way!

Have you ever found yourself caught between conflicting parties, both trying to get your approval? Or, have you ever tried to gain someone's influence in your own...

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Nutmeg and Kings... it's Christmas! Aug 28, 2021

If you could keep only ONE element of Christmas, what would you choose?

No time of year beats Christmas. The promise of family time, and unique memory-making moments, is just the best. The problem is, it's just too easy to forget that Jesus is the One the three Kings came to worship.


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Are you seeking the peace of God... or the God of peace?? Aug 28, 2021

Welcome back to our Trois Minutes with Stephanie! After a break due to the busyness of launching the Gospel Spice Podcast, Stephanie is BACK in this intimate Trois Minutes, pondering what we are truly after: God's gifts... or God Himself?
Check out the video here:

Remember to check out Gospel...

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When and where can I listen to Gospel Spice? Aug 28, 2021

Where and when can I listen to Gospel Spice?

... Oh let me count the ways!

When do you listen to radio programs? When do you listen to music? You can listen to your favorite podcasts there and then too!

During your morning or evening commute?

In the grocery store?

While you are getting ready in...

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Listen to Gospel Spice... Aug 28, 2021

... while you are getting ready in the morning!

Add Gospel Spice to your early morning routine!
Gospel Spice
It’s so easy to make God the center of your morning routine! Just listen to Gospel Spice as you get ready in the morning!

#gospelspice #gospelspicepodcast

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How do I find Gospel Spice Podcast for my phone? Aug 28, 2021


Podcasts are all the rage right about now. And rightly so--they are FREE, convenient, high quality, accessible 24/7 from your favorite platforms: on your computer or on your tablet, phone, etc. It's like having all your favorite radio shows right at your fingertips, safely tucked away in...

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Here are the launch party photos! Aug 28, 2021

Thank you so much to all who attended our Gospel Spice Podcast Launch party on Saturday! Here is a link with a video of lots of photos

You can also use this link to subscribe to Gospel Spice on your computer!

Special thanks to Naomi Zacharias, founder of Wellspring International, who...

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TODAY! Five loaves and two fish... Gospel Spice is up to YOU! Aug 28, 2021

The little boy brought his two fish and five loaves, and Jesus decided to use this humble gift. But then, Jesus asked His disciples to distribute the food... it was a team effort!

That's how I see my brand new podcast launching today, Gospel Spice. It's merely fives loaves and two fish... and it...

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Trois Minutes in Paris, France: It's a wrap! Gospel Spice is coming to you TOMORROW! Aug 28, 2021

We are done recording the first season of Gospel Spice Podcast here in Paris, France! We are getting ready to launch TOMORROW, October 1, 2019!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow... you're only a day awayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

(just be glad Stephanie is not actually singing!)

Check out ...

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A new Trois Minutes from Paris, France! Aug 28, 2021

Here's a sneak peek at my upcoming podcast, Gospel Spice. Our team here is beyond excited as we are recording from Paris, France!

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Exclusive sneak peek at Gospel Spice! Here's your Trois Minutes from Paris, France! Aug 28, 2021

This week, I have a very special little nugget especially for you from my upcoming podcast, Gospel Spice. Check this out today!

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It's official! Gospel Spice Podcast will be on your phone on October 1st! Aug 28, 2021

I am excited beyond words to share with you the exciting news that Gospel Spice Podcast will be released October 1st! Look for it on your favorite Podcast App! And join us for a fabulous Facebook launch party soon!

Please join me in prayer for this new endeavor to truly bring a smile on God's...

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Trois Minutes in Paris, France! Aug 28, 2021

Gospel Spice Podcast is coming soon! Check out this Trois Minute sample of what you can expect from us this Fall!

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Stephanie is in Paris, France, recording her brand new podcast! Aug 28, 2021

In this Trois Minutes, I am revealing to you the brand new and exciting project that I have been working on all summer for you. We are getting ready to launch Gospel Spice, the podcast that spices up your time with God! Want more details? It's all right here, in under three minutes!


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Trois minutes - the moon, Sun, rocks and tides all point to HIM! Aug 28, 2021

This week, we're looking at the moon and the Sun, rocks and waves. Did you know that the moon and its tides, as well as the sun and earthquakes, all point to Jesus? Let's embrace Scripture this week with a slightly metaphorical, whimsical way.

Like it? Do share it! It's also available on Facebook...

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Trois minutes - on how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth...! Aug 28, 2021

This week, let's take a not-so-serious look at how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth...!?! Maybe I am just talking for myself here, but I suspect we have all done it, and multiple times... so, better yet, let's take a quick look at what to do when that happens--whether you are on the...

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Trois minutes - on the approval we are all seeking! Aug 28, 2021

Whose approval do we seek? This week, we're taking a look at approval.  Check this out in under 3 minutes!

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I publish these posts weekly. The best way for you to get them, is to subscribe to my blog - simply enter your...

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Trois minutes - we are half-baked masterpieces! Aug 28, 2021

We are all half-baked masterpieces. Huh? Yes, it's all there in less than three minutes, and it will make you fall deeper in love with Jesus. Pinky promise. You don't have to way until you have it all together to come to Jesus. He is waiting for you--now.

Like it? Do share it! It's also available...

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Trois minutes - five loaves and two fish! Aug 28, 2021

This week, we're looking at five loaves and two fish... it does not matter how little you bring to Jesus, He will always use it to multiply His blessings through you to others. In other words? Bring Him the little you have--courageously--and He will make you glad you did! Then sit back, relax,...

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