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Is staleness lurking in the pages of Scripture? 
Could the Christian faith prove spicier than you’ve experienced?


If you’re a spiritual foodie looking for a flavor explosion in your journey with God, the Gospel Spice Podcast is your new secret ingredient. Join Stephanie Rousselle and her occasional guests to taste and see that the Lord is good! 

Gospel Spice is your Christ-centered podcast, infused with in-depth Biblical flavors and sprinkled with a dash of French culture, guaranteed to spice up your relationship with God.

Join thousands listening from 140+ countries and discover that the entire Bible is seasoned with exotic spiritual spices long lost to our twenty-first-century Western palate.


Join us to taste & see that the Lord is good!

Alternating exclusive guests with in-depth Bible teachings

Top 1% podcast globally:

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Serving many thousands in 140+ countries on 6 continents


We recommend you listen to the first episode in each season:

God's Glory, Our Delight

The Tabernacle

Identity in the Battle

Shades of Red

What is Wisdom? | A Christocentric approach to the Book of Proverbs

Faith: Trust that has been tested and tried | Welcome to the Book of Luke

Come and Dance with Jesus through the Psalms!

Why Gospel Spice? Why does it matter to you, today? | Episode 1, Season 1

Welcome to Gospel Spice! | Trailer

Or listen to the latest episodes

Os Guinness has joined Stephanie 3 times on Gospel Spice and has something to tell you about it. Take a listen!



Watch all the exclusive guests who've spiced things up with Stephanie.

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Dallas Jenkins | The Chosen
Curt Thompson, MD
Susie Larson
Jonathan Evans
Joel Rosenberg
Sheila Walsh
Jamal Johnson
Os Guinness
Liz Curtis Higgs
Molly DeFrank
Jasmine Holmes
Drew Jackson
Whitney Reynolds
Danielle & Matt Forté
Rebecca Bender
Margaret Feinberg
Dallas' Cayenne Crush
Amanda Jenkins
We are honored to welcome our guests!


"Fascinating, clever and a plate full of revelation…"

Great style and episode. First, your French accent is mesmerizing to me. The use of a meal metaphor was brilliant. And there was some incredible revelation regarding “seeing the Messiah”. But my favorite was comparing Jesus skin to a shoe that fit a little to tight. Holding in His Glory! Excellent podcast…got my day started well.

"Insightful Wisdom"

I’m not sure where to start. Stephanie’s teachings are amazingly comprehensive and complex, steeped in historical context and research, and yet so very simple in the way she points the listener to Jesus. The message of each lesson is very clear. Stephanie loves her Lord. And she wants to share her love and knowledge with you. The Holy Spirit consistently gives her amazing insight and wisdom into the scriptures. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed in Gospel Spice!

"Marvelous Message"

Just completed listening to Jesus as Messiah. Once begun there was no turning back, no off-ramp, no reason to disengage. Superbly packed and layered content plus Stephanie’s ‘spicy’ delivery held me captive .. releasing me in the end with new exciting insights and appetite ready for more. Bon appetit? Definitely!

"Stéphanie and Gospel Spice are Delicious!"

I just listened to my first episode of the Gospel Spice podcast and I was completely entranced!! Stephanie’s voice, the way she weaves words together as she speaks and teaches, and the content are all spectacular. This is so very good—it is solid biblical teaching that helps us understand the culture and times, which helps us to know the Savior on an entirely different level.

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