Pentecost takes us from a mentality of scarcity to one of abundance | episode 203

May 16, 2023

Stephanie takes us to that very first effusion of the Holy Spirit on the believers gathered in obedience to Jesus' command to wait for the Spirit to come upon them.  

Pentecost is the gift from the Giver, to us, the gifted! Listen here:  


Have you ever wondered who the Holy Spirit is, especially in relation to God the Father and Christ the Son? How about who He is in relation to us? We are told that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit at salvation. What does it mean, and what does it entail? 

We're looking at the nature and goal of a seal in the ancient world--and it takes you much deeper than a dusty history lesson! 

It's the most glorious of promises, and frankly, one of the most misunderstood ones. So today, peel the veil back and dive deep into the glory of the Holy Spirit. You may leave wet from head to toe--drenched in the guarantee of your inheritance, until you take full possession of it! 

Have you ever pondered that Pentecost is what makes us superior to the angels? Take a listen today! 

Stephanie mentions one of her favorite books, Chosen but free by Norman Geisler.

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