BONUS - Conversation with Pastor Jim Cymbala Oct 05, 2022


Question: Fan the Flame is your first new book in over a decade. Why this book and why now?

Pastor Jim: According to a survey from the Barna Group, about 1,500 pastors leave the ministry every month. Even more telling is that half the...

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Dare to dream as a leader again | with Jo Saxton Oct 03, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Jo Saxton to discuss issues of leadership, and the general feeling from many leaders today of being overwhelmed, overburdened, and maybe even on the deep end of burnout. What happens when you don’t show up for your calling, because you are too busy or burned out to step...

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Fan the flames | Gospel Spice Podcast with Pastor Jim Cymbala Oct 03, 2022

Invite the Holy Spirit to ignite your faith anew! Stephanie welcomes Pastor Jim Cymbala from the Brooklyn Tabernacle for a powerful conversation about the essential power of the Holy Spirit in our lives as believers. There is no life in Christ apart from the Spirit, and this is deeply...

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Practical steps to delight in God | God's glory, our delight (episode 168) Sep 26, 2022

Welcome back to our Gospel Spice fall 2022 series, God's glory our delight! "God's glory, our delight" is Stephanie's personal motto. Today we are pondering 6 steps as practical stepping stones to grow in our delight of God. This is not a guaranteed recipe - it is between you and God! Here...

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"Live your truth" and other lies | with Alisa Childers (episode 167) Sep 19, 2022

Stephanie welcomes apologist and author Alisa Childers for a lively conversation about the absolute truth of the gospel in the context of the current views that emerge from progressive Christianity and deconstruction movements.

You have heard these. In our culture, we hear so much self-help and...

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Faith in word and deed | God's glory, our delight (episode 166) Sep 12, 2022

An invitation to delight in the glory of God today and every day

"God's glory, our delight" is Stephanie's personal motto. In the spring, with episodes 146 through to 155, we entered into the deep waters of defining the glory of God and the quest of our hearts. Now with the second half of the...

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Take back your joy | with Nicole Jacobsmeyer Sep 05, 2022

Stephanie welcomes like-minded soul sister Nicole Jacobsmeyer for a raw, deep conversation about pain, suffering, God’s role in it, and ours. Though they just met over this conversation, they clicked in deep ways. Throughout a decade of trials—from assault and depression to...

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Stand in confidence in Christ | with Amanda Pittman Aug 29, 2022

As part of the Summer inspiration Series with publisher David C Cook and Esther Press, Stephanie welcomes Amanda Pittman to Gospel Spice today to discuss our identity in Christ and how to stand in confidence through the trials of life. We discuss standing strong in God, in humility and truth....

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Navigating the dating game | with Ainsley Britain Aug 22, 2022

Don't date a booboo dude | Summer Inspirations with publisher David D Cook

Stephanie welcomes Ainsley Britain to discuss teen and college dating in this first episode of our "Summer Inspirations with publisher David C Cook." This conversation welcomes anyone who plays an active role in the life...

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A personal conversation with Stephanie and Ros | Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice Aug 15, 2022

Get ready for an out-of-the-ordinary conversation today! Stephanie is joined by dear friend and fellow Gospel Spice team member Roslyn Evans to discuss all things Jesus and Gospel Spice. This conversation is like a family reunion, and you are invited! They start off with a fun digression into the...

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Identify and battle anxiety, depression and boundary concerns | Christ-centered soul wellness with Lindsay and Stephanie Aug 08, 2022

Have you recently wondered if you are going crazy, or if it is the world around us that has gone mad? Today, Stephanie welcomes dear friend and Gospel Spice team member Lindsay, who is a Christian psychotherapist with over 20 years of professional experience helping believers and non-believers...

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Cultivate 3 secrets to a successful summer | with Shadia Hrichi, Shannon Popkin & Marci Seither Aug 01, 2022

How can you make sure you have a well-spent summer? For today's episode, Stephanie has curated three of her most important not-so-secret secrets for a successful summer in particular, and a successful life in general:

- Read your Bible to grow closer to the Lord and develop intimacy with Him;


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What does it mean to lead well? | Summer Series with Stephanie Jul 25, 2022

Our Summer series invite you to ponder important topics for daily living. Stephanie and her occasional guests tell us about the importance of our definition of success, the key elements of leadership roles, the traps of comparison, the importance of theology, and much more! These stand-along...

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Fresh spices as food for thought | with Dr. Michelle Lee Barnewall Jul 18, 2022

What are your thoughts on the importance of understanding culture to experience the teachings of Jesus at a deeper level? And, what about the gender debate in the church? And, pray tell, what on earth do these two questions have in common? Get ready for a meaty conversation today! Stephanie...

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How would you define success? | Summer Series with Stephanie Jul 11, 2022

What is success? The world would have you embrace a particular definition. Even some teachings within Christendom might fall seriously short of the mark. What is the Biblical standard of success? Today's theme is success, its definition and application. Through her personal story and testimony,...

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The toxic trap of comparison | with Heather Creekmore Jul 04, 2022

Dive into a comparison-free summer!

Let's be honest today: do you look around and compare yourself to others? In other words, do you struggle with comparison? Do you feel shame because you compare to others and fall short? Who and what are you comparing yourself to? Are you trying to...

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Our glory is rooted in God's delight of us! Jun 28, 2022

Defining appropriate glory for the human heart: Why are we wired to seek glory for ourselves? Stephanie suggests to you that we are wired by God Himself to seek glory because this reveals our deep longing for identity. And we will find and keep our identity when we make God’s opinion of us,...

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Christ dwells and delights in YOU. Yes, you! | with James Bryan Smith Jun 21, 2022

Stephanie welcomes spiritual director, university professor and author James Bryan Smith to ponder the weight of God's love for us as His chosen creation. In his latest book, "The good and beautiful you" Jim invites us to peel back the layers of many lies we have commonly been fed in the...

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Develop Christlike humility. | God's Glory, Our Delight Jun 14, 2022

How can we actively develop humility in our spiritual life, the kind of genuine, precious humility that will put a smile on our Father's face? 

Genuine, relentless humility is a life-long commitment.

In episode 153, Stephanie takes us on a journey to experience what has been called the...

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Invest in the Kingdom NOW | with Jonathan Evans Jun 07, 2022

For Father's Day, Stephanie welcomes NFL chaplain and Pastor Jonathan Evans for a no-nonsense conversation about our investment as parents for the Kingdom of God. With his trademark candid and bold kindness, Jonathan shares his approach to parenting, as well as what he learned from his parents,...

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