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We are Shades of Red. Jan 18, 2022


We are all of the earth

In our most primal state, we are as unique as God made us to be.


We are emotional beings.

And, we all bleed red.


We are all born from the earth.

Shades of Red.

Red clay soil like a crimson Arizona canyon at sunset.

And from the ashes of...

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We are all SHADES OF RED | GospelSpice NEW SERIES! Jan 18, 2022

Episode 131 - Stephanie welcomes you in our brand new series, Shades of Red. What does it mean to be human? We go back to the garden of Eden to uncover God's purpose in creating Adam and Eve, and you and me. 

SHADES OF RED is a brand new original series by GospelSpice Ministries. We ponder...

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Loving the least of these | fighting human trafficking in our own communities with Raleigh Sadler Jan 12, 2022

What would happen if the local church followed in Jesus' footsteps to love the least of these?

Episode 131 – Get ready for a vulnerable, powerful conversation today with Raleigh Sadler, author, activist and global influencer against human trafficking. Raleigh shares his personal journey...

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French Epiphany Spice: Galette des Rois (including a KETO/PALEO alternative) Jan 10, 2022

French tradition on the Sunday after Epiphany (celebrating the three wise men, called « Kings » in our culture, who came to worship Jesus): the King’s almond pie, with a hidden jewel inside (usually a small clay figure). Spices? Vanilla and orange blossom! Yum!
This is a family...

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Dream for 2022 today | with Whitney Reynolds Jan 04, 2022

Embrace the hope that weaves your story


Episode 129 – Stephanie welcomes Chicago-based friend and TV show host Whitney Reynolds for a fun, deep, and whimsical conversation to enter 2022. She tells us about her relationship with God, personally and at work, in her family, marriage and...

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Bring fresh spice in the bedroom | with Sheila Wray Gregoire Dec 28, 2021

"The Great Sex Rescue" | for Christian marriages


Episode 128 – Stephanie welcomes Sheila Wray Gregoire to talk about Christian marriage in general, and sex in particular. Sheila brings a fresh, different perspective to intimate relationship and invites us to reconsider some of the...

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God invites us to co-create beauty | with Christie Purifoy Dec 22, 2021

Answer God's invitation to care for His creation.

Episode 127 – This conversation is an invitation to cozy up by the fireplace, with a hot cup of your favorite spiced tea and intrumental music in the background. We hope you will enjoy it as 2021 gently comes to an end. Stephanie welcomes...

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Experience God's presence in your wilderness Dec 15, 2021

A Christmas gift | Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle, a special reading

Episode 126 - Stephanie wrote this episode to invite you one last time to experience God in your wilderness, by centering on Christ through the Tabernacle. She invites you to walk with her in the wilderness campsite and...

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Three ways to encounter Jesus this Christmas | with Cindy DeBoer, Marci Renee & Christine Trimpe Dec 09, 2021

Episode 125 – Today is another Special Christmas Gospel Spice gift for you! Stephanie welcomes three dear friends, each with their own message right in time for Christmas. Join us for three short conversations to make this season unique among all. From a calling to leave everything to serve...

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Redeem your Christmas shopping & honor Christ | with Kristen Welch Dec 07, 2021

Mercy House Global | shopping fair trade with Christ-centered purpose


Episode 124 – Gospel Spice welcomes Mercy House Global and its founder, Kristen Welch. Stephanie has been a fan of Mercy House Global for some time, because of its unique purpose to provide dignified jobs to women...

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The Chosen | with producers Chad Gundersen and Chris Juen Dec 02, 2021

A Gospel Spice Christmas gift for you

Episode 123 – The Chosen is with us again today! This special episode is one of our Christmas 2021 Gospel Spice gifts to you  

Chad Gundersen and Chris Juen, Producers for The Chosen and owners of Out of Order Studios, join Stephanie for an...

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What does our future hold? Nov 30, 2021

Episode 122 - Today is our last day in our Tabernacle series, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas in our upcoming season. What better way to prepare for the Incarnate Christ, than to behold one last time the symbolism of the Tabernacle for the incarnation?


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How do we prepare room for God this Christmas? | a conversation with Susie Larson Nov 24, 2021

A Christ-centered Daily Advent Devotional

Episode 121 – Susie Larson joins Stephanie today to ask, What Matters Most This Christmas Season? What if you approached this Advent more open to the things of God? What if you decided to be expectant that God would move in your midst? What if you...

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How can we enter the Holy of Holies? Nov 16, 2021

Episode 120 -  Last week we reverently stepped into the Holy Place. Today—today is the most hallowed day in the Jewish calendar, symbolically for us. This is the day we clothe ourselves fully in the righteousness of our Great Hight Priest, Jesus our Messiah, so we can enter...

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Holy Hush Nov 09, 2021

Episode 119 -  Today. Today! Today, we are going in. This is the day we have been building up to, ever since we entered our Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle podcast series here at Gospel Spice. Literally thousands have joined us from all over the world.

Listen here:...

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Holding on when you want to let go | with Sheila Walsh Nov 03, 2021

Clinging to hope when life falls apart

Episode 118 – How do we hold on when we want to let go? How do we persevere with God when we are about to give up? How do we answer our WHY questions? How does our trauma inform and shape our faith? How can we know that God is trustworthy in the midst...

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YOUR questions, answered! Oct 26, 2021

Episode 117 - In this special episode celebrating our mid-way point in our current podcast series titled “Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle” we invite you to join Stephanie and special host Chera for a live Q&A session recorded when this series was initially taught as a...

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Are you worthy to enter? Oct 19, 2021

Episode 116 - After two episodes of setting the eternal, sweeping stage for the Tabernacle (episodes 112 + 13, a must-listen if you are new to the show), today we actually enter its outer court and start making our way towards our destination—the Holy of holies (episode 120).

We are...

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How can we personally live up to our calling to freedom today? | with Os Guinness - Part 2 Oct 14, 2021

Episode 115 - Stephanie is deeply passionate about the message of Os Guinness. In Part 2 of this interview, Os and Stephanie take things personally: how will our true knowing of God shape our calling and tranform us into the form for transformation God is calling us to be? Os takes us...

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Can we find true freedom for both society and the human soul? | with Os Guinness - Part 1 Oct 12, 2021

 Episode 114 - Stephanie is deeply passionate about the message of Os Guinness. How are we to understand the times we are living in? How are we to live as Christians and agents of both reconciliation and truth in a culture that seems to seek neither? How are we to fulfill our calling,...

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