Faithful and true | Who our God is! | celebrating 200 episodes

Apr 28, 2023

God has been truly faithful to each one of us in this communal Gospel Spice journey. You, our beloved listener, is the reason why we started, the reason why we keep doing this week after week. Walking alongside you in your journey of faith, finding God at work in the every day and in the grand moments, and praising Him. Seeking Him and finding Him, delighting in Him and beholding His glory - that is the essence of life. It is meant to be a life lived in community - you and me, you and us, together. So, with humble gratitude, a heartfelt thank-you to you who are reading these lines and listening to (or watching) this episode. 

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The best celebrations in life take place when we are surrounded with family and loved ones. So, today we are celebrating God's enduring faithfulness over 200 episodes by digging behind the scenes and spending quality time with Him through three very special women who have profoundly shaped Gospel Spice - each one in her own God-given way. Linda invites us to embrace the love that comes from God. Angel challenges us to stay on mission for the Kingdom. Lindsay reminds us to trust God for deeper things. 

Linda, Angel and Lindsay have done more to serve you, than you might know! So today Stephanie spends time with them and invites you to pull up a chair, put the kettle on for some tea or coffee, or maybe take us on a walk or on the road today with you. Scoot in, there is a place for you right here with us. We pray these conversations uplift you and encourage you to keep delighting in the glory of God today, tomorrow and every day!

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