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Delightfully French

Bonjour! Stephanie here. I invite you through this new Gospel Spice series to embrace the French language and culture for a fresh explosion of faith! Join me to experience the beauty of Scripture in French, transcending linguistic barriers to explore the depths of faith and intimacy with God. 

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Jesus, Rabbi & Lord

Taste and see that the Lord is good with this spiritual foodie’s guided tour of Matthew’s Gospel, an authentic experience bursting with Middle Eastern spices and faith-boosting insights!

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Centering on Christ | The Tabernacle

Our most popular, most in-depth series to date!

Experience Jesus where heaven meets earth. Come with a heart thirsty for more of Christ and experience Him in fresh new ways!

Discover the symbolism and ultimate fulfillment of the Tabernacle in Christ, and in you as His dwelling place. Experience God’s timeline of grace, from Eden past to Heaven future.

A full video course is available, containing over 10 hours of video teachings, bonuses, and a phenomenal workbook to take your faith to a whole new level.

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Identity in the Battle

 Learn how to stand firm before the forces of evil by choosing to kneel humbly before our King.

 You belong in the battle. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good!

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God's Glory, Our Delight

Delighting in the glory of God. Does this concept strike you as reserved for spiritual contemplatives? What if, instead, it proved the highly practical, deeply foundational perspective you need right now?

Why does God’s glory even matter in our day and age? How can we learn from Jesus to make His glory our true North and lifelong quest? What keeps us from fully stepping into this God-ordained purpose for our life? How do we kindle delight for God on a daily basis? And, once we have embraced God’s glory as our heart’s true delight, how can we then come alongside others?

Embrace the greatest quest of life today!

REST | the hallmark of a balanced life

Discover how delighting in God, even in the midst of challenges, can bring true strength and victory.

If you're currently facing restlessness, discontent, or anxiety, don't fret or worry. Remember that God is in control, and He is not surprised by whatever challenges you face. Trust in Him and find rest in His love and provision. 

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Shades of Red


Humanity: Loved. Fallen. Redeemed.

 God's redemption plan in Christ Jesus is a breathtaking glimpse into His love for us. That's Shades of Red, and it's available for you now.

Pathways to God's Presence

How do we keep our relationship with God fresh and not stale? How do we avoid being disappointed or dissatisfied with our spirituality? The secret to the high Christian life, a life of satisfaction in God regardless of circumstances – good or bad, internal or external –  is to practice the presence of God. We will look at the theology and the practical answers provided by the spiritual disciplines.

Jesus One on One

Jesus asked powerful questions - so many, in fact, that the four gospel authors only listed a few of them. We invite you to ponder some of the key questions He asked, like: Would you like to get well? Who do you say that I am? What do you want? Do you have anything to eat? Do you love me? Who touched me? and more.

And then, we take a moment to ponder some of our possible answers to His questions. Stephanie offers insights on how our answers shed light on who He is to us, and how to go deeper with Him.

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