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Bible Courses

You know Stephanie, so you know her Bible courses are super in-depth, and absolutely insight-packed. You will most assuredly deepen your relationship with God through these courses.

We release new, updated Bible course a couple of times a year. So check back soon for more, or signup for our newsletter to be the first to know and receive exclusive coupon codes.

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Experience Jesus where heaven meets earth.

Be drawn into deeper, more intimate worship of Christ. Discover the symbolism and ultimate fulfillment of the Tabernacle in Christ, and in you as His dwelling place. Experience God’s timeline of grace, from Eden past to Heaven future.

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Join Jesus in His homeland.

As a result of this study, you will know and love Jesus more deeply. You will feel like you just spent six weeks in the footsteps of Jesus, as one of His disciples. You will develop new insights into some of His key teachings, based on context and history. You will read your Bible as for the first time to meet Him there anew, and so much more.

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Podcast Series E-books

These compact, high-quality e-books contain in-depth content for each episode in the series. Listening guides, questions to go deeper (on your own or with a friend), key takeaways, key quotes, additional research ideas, and more. The value is simply phenomenal! And, if you are signed up for our newsletter, you will receive exclusive coupon codes and sample chapters!

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Industry Courses

Stephanie is invited to teach podcasting at numerous in-person and virtual conferences. Here are her best courses, just for you!

Start your podcast today.

In this in-depth, comprehensive three-part workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about Podcasting, create your own podcast step-by-step, and have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with Stephanie.

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Grow your podcast.

You have launched your podcast, and you are now actively managing it. This workshop tackles the various areas of challenges you face to keep growing your existing podcast.

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Leadership Training

We are passionate to equip YOU to become the leader God created you to be. You are welcome here!

The Leading Well.

The "well” is a place of refreshing – for yourself as a leader, but also so that you can bring refreshing through God’s Word to others. We also provide leaders with a blueprint on how to form and lead your own Bible study group, or enter a discipling or mentoring relationship with someone.

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