What do you want? | Jesus asks | Gospel Spice Podcast | Episode 208

Jun 02, 2023

“What do you want?” Jesus asks this powerful question on several occasions.

What do YOU want? If Jesus asked you this, how would you answer? How would you feel?

In the Greek and Hebrew, to “want” is a multifaceted word that speaks to the heart, the mind and the body. In Psalm 23 when we read, The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” it means I am made whole, complete, so that I have no more need or unmet longing. It is the state of heaven – and, occasionally, heaven on earth.

“What do you want?” Jesus asks.

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Stephanie takes us deep in Scripture through three powerful Greek words today. God is inviting you to capture your imagination, heart, soul and spirit through a deeper longing for Him. It is an intellectual search, a deep desire for Him, and also a need of our body. We will connect the dots and find that Jesus gives us the blueprint to answer this question the way the Father would invite us to. Let’s embrace Jesus’ invitation to ask, seek and knock – only to receive, find and have the door be opened. It is the same trio of Greek words, and it will inspire us to answer His question in the way that will bring us delight, for His glory.

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