A home in bloom | with Christie Purifoy

May 05, 2023

Christie Purifoy is Stephanie’s near-neighbor and dear, dear friend. Christie invites you today to capture the curious magic of the garden and bring its life and joy into your home. And, together, they invite you in the conversation to deepen our relationship with God through simple ways to add beauty to your home through flowers, year round. What does gardening teach us about intimacy with Him? How do flowers invite us to trust Him through the seasons of life – the seasons of abundance, or growth, but also of winter, wilderness, and waiting?

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Through enchanting prose and delightful activities, avid writer, gardener and place-maker Christie Purifoy invites you to capture the curious magic of the garden and bring its life and joy into your home this season.  A flower garden is a place where endless possibilities are contemplated (and celebrated), where reason bows to beauty, and practicality gives way to whimsy. It’s where we sink our roots deep, lean into the rhythms of each season, and wish for beautiful things to grow.

Stephanie has been labelled a “black thumb” as a child – meaning, she is more apt to kill a plant, than to give it the environment to thrive! Can she cultivate a home in bloom? Christie brings hope to this helpless flower-killer who constantly seeks beauty in all areas of her life.

Christie and Stephanie had initially met a few weeks before they recorded Christie’s first guest appearance on Gospel Spice, back in 2022. And now they are together again to discuss Christie’s latest book, A home in bloom, and its deep ramifications in our spiritual lives and our relationships with one another.


A HOME IN BLOOM is the second book in the trilogy that started with GARDEN MAKER. They go so well together, both visually and thematically, that it would be a shame not to own both of them! They make the perfect Mother’s day gift, among many other gift occasions.

This fully photographed guide shows you how to enjoy the many gifts the garden offers inside your own home, transforming your living spaces into places filled with warmth and wonder. Each season, Christie shares her notes on what to plant and walks you through easy projects that will surely become lifelong practices that help you bring the outdoors in.

Learn how to grow your house into a home in bloom.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Home-Bloom-Enchanted-Seasons-Flowers/dp/0736982167

A Home in Bloom is now available online and in local stores everywhere!

Christie is a writer and avid gardener. She earned a PhD in English Literature from the University of Chicago and has taught literature and composition at the undergraduate level. Her books include Garden Maker: Growing a Life of Beauty and Wonder with Flowers, Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons, and Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace. She explores her love of gardening and all things beautiful at her Victorian farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Meet Christie at https://www.christiepurifoy.com/

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