Cultivate childlike wonder | with Catherine Larson Jul 25, 2023

Stephanie welcomes Catherine Larson to discuss how we can learn from children to nurture a sense of wonder in our own lives, a Christlike childlikeness, even amidst the busy lives of parenting and everyday life with children. This conversation invites all of us, whether we have young children at...

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"Here I am." | Answering Christ's questions | episode 222 Jul 21, 2023

"Here I am, Lord." These are familiar words. We have heard them from the lips of ancient heroes of the faith -- Abraham, Moses, Samuel, and more. But what did they really mean? What do WE mean when we dare speak them? Or do we know them to be so dangerous, we are not sure we are ready to whisper...

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Life Changing Hospitality: Hosting Exchange Students for Jesus | with Janell Wood Jul 18, 2023

Dare to dream about living a big life for the glory of God! That is our theme today, through seemingly mundane examples of daily faithfulness and stewardship. Today, Stephanie welcomes Janell Wood, who was inspired to host exchange students and turn it into a ministry. Hosting these students...

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Do you love Me? | Questions from Jesus | episode 220 Jul 14, 2023

Stephanie is inviting us today to ponder Jesus' threefold question to Peter, "Do you love Me?" This is a familiar passage, and hopefully today you will get some fresh spices to flavor your experience of it. Stephanie explores the context of the question to draw us to consider the context in which...

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Equipping our kids to face culture biblically | with Elizabeth Urbanowicz Jul 07, 2023

Children are constantly exposed to false ideas. They are constantly bombarded with content from various sources, shaping their young minds in a rapidly changing world. As a parent or any Christian working with kids, it's essential to equip them to pursue truth and embrace a biblical worldview....

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I believe, Lord, overcome my unbelief | Answering Christ's questions episode 217 Jul 03, 2023

Stephanie delves deeper into Jesus' question of "Have you here anything to eat?" and how it invites us to perceive and know Him more deeply. One possible answer to His question is today's statement, "I believe, Lord, overcome my unbelief!" Stephanie reflects on the challenge of waiting for...

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Have you here anything to eat? | Jesus asks | episode 216 Jun 30, 2023

"Have you here anything to eat?" Jesus asks of His disciples on Resurrection Sunday, late in the evening of that glorious first day. Such an unexpected question! Did He need food? Or rather, how were they in need of beholding His glorified body ingesting a simple piece of broiled fish? How are we...

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How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes | with Nancy Pearcey | Part 2 Jun 27, 2023

On this episode of Gospel Spice, join Stephanie Rousselle in part two of her conversation with Professor Nancy Pearcey about toxic masculinity and the decline of the secular script for men. They explore Pearcey's book and discuss the cultural shifts and societal pressures that affect men...

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Answers to toxic masculinity | with Professor Nancy Pearcey | Part 1 Jun 23, 2023

Toxic masculinity. You have heard the term. Where does it come from? What does it mean? What is the Biblical framework we need today as Christian men and women to tackle this hot button in our culture wars? Stephanie welcomes Professor Nancy Pearcey to discuss the history, context, and biblical...

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"Behold the Lamb." | A statement to enter wonder and worship | episode 213 Jun 20, 2023

Stephanie shares what happened as she researched for this episode: "Let me tell you. I was NOT expecting what happened when I did my research. I think the Lord kindly likes to surprise us with glimpses of glory when we don’t expect them. So let’s say I wasn’t expecting to...

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"Who do YOU say that I am?" | Jesus asks | episode 212 Jun 16, 2023

“Who do YOU say that I am?” Jesus asks this powerful question to His disciples in Matthew 16. It is the most important question any of us is called to answer - and make no mistake. We are all to answer it. 

The question unpacks a lot about who we are, and how we define our lives....

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Discover how God's goodness eclipses our suffering | with Amanda Jenkins | The Chosen Jun 13, 2023

Amanda Jenkins shares about the 25th wedding anniversary she and Dallas are celebrating TODAY, JUNE 13, 2023! Happy anniversary to one of our favorite couples out there. Twenty-five years is a beautiful milestone and a testament to God's faithfulness through and in you! We love you and honor the...

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Abide deeply in Christ | with Amanda Jenkins | The Chosen Jun 09, 2023

Amanda Jenkins returns on the Gospel Spice Podcast today for a deep dive into what it means to abide in Christ in ever-growing ways. She talks with Stephanie about discovering new dimensions of relationship with Jesus, and the importance of experiential knowledge and resting in Him. Amanda tells...

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"Teach us to pray." | Statements to ponder | 209 Jun 06, 2023

Listen here: https://www.podcastics.com/episode/231871/link/ 

"Lord, teach us to pray." The disciples came to Jesus with this humble, bold statement. Let's unpack it and appropriate it for ourselves today. Let's look at what it says about them, about Jesus, and about us. Stephanie...

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What do you want? | Jesus asks | Gospel Spice Podcast | Episode 208 Jun 02, 2023

“What do you want?” Jesus asks this powerful question on several occasions.

What do YOU want? If Jesus asked you this, how would you answer? How would you feel?

In the Greek and Hebrew, to “want” is a multifaceted word that speaks to the heart, the mind and the body. In...

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A better approach to sex talks with our kids | with Sheila Wray Gregoire - Episodes 206 + 207 May 26, 2023

Stephanie is joined by Sheila Wray Gregoire to discuss how to raise girls to resist toxic Christian teachings about sex, self, and speaking up. This conversation aims to serve parents of girls (and boys too!) from pre-teen years all to way to young adulthood.

Listen here: ...

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"I am a sinner. Get away from me, Lord." | Statements to ponder | episode 205 May 23, 2023

Questions from Jesus and Statements from the faithful

Listen here: https://www.podcastics.com/episode/230678/link/ 

Stephanie invites you to ponder questions Jesus asks, and some statements that believers made throughout Scripture, that are really prayers in disguise, and an invitation...

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Would you like to get well? | Questions from Jesus | Episode 204 May 19, 2023

Stephanie invites you to ponder questions Jesus asks, and some statements that believers made throughout Scripture, that are really prayers in disguise, and an invitation for us to ponder the deeper things of the spirit and to invite Him to shape us into who He created us to become.


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Pentecost takes us from a mentality of scarcity to one of abundance | episode 203 May 16, 2023

Stephanie takes us to that very first effusion of the Holy Spirit on the believers gathered in obedience to Jesus' command to wait for the Spirit to come upon them.  

Pentecost is the gift from the Giver, to us, the gifted! Listen here: ...

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Why does the Ascension of Jesus bring us sure hope? | Episode 202 May 12, 2023

Ascension 2023 -The Ascension: Jesus’ gift to you!

God the Father could simply not wait to welcome Jesus back in Heaven after Easter. So much so, that He told us about the welcome party hundreds of years before it happened! It is a foretaste of the party that awaits YOU when you enter...

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