Unmask the performance culture to embrace God’s unique path for you. | episode 257 with Nicole Jacobsmeyer Nov 21, 2023

Have you ever struggled with comparison, performance, relationships, or the desire to be someone else? Have you ever felt lonely and misunderstood? I sure have. Which is why I am so happy to be joined by my dear friend Nicole Jacobsmeyer today. Nicole and I have had countless conversations this...

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Revealing Jesus in the context of His very own culture | episode 256 Nov 17, 2023

Stephanie invites you to meet Matthew, and to dive headfirst into the gospel he wrote, exploring its rich cultural background and understanding how it uniquely unfolds the life of Jesus.

Listen here: https://www.podcastics.com/episode/253488/link/ 

From the genealogy of Jesus all the...

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Feast on the Word, don’t just read it! | with Kristi McLelland | episode 255 Nov 14, 2023

Welcome back to Gospel Spice, the podcast that adds a little spice to your everyday walk with Jesus! I'm your host, Stephanie Rousselle, and I am beyond excited for today's episode featuring the delightful Kristi McLelland. She is a well-known and loved Bible teacher, frequent Israel traveler,...

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Embracing Jesus: how do I learn to trust Him even when His way doesn’t seem best? Nov 10, 2023

Who would ever have thought that an understated miracle tucked away in the pages of Matthew could be the reason that initially led the Pharisees to want to crucify Jesus? Before she tells us about that, however, Stephanie takes us on a deep dive into the concept of discipline. She explores the...

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Becoming like Yeshua & honoring Him with humility and reverence | with Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook | episode 253 Nov 07, 2023

Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook joins me today on Gospel Spice to talk about what is like to be a Messianic Jew today. We talk about his own personal journey of faith, that took him from the West Coast to Israel, Europe and then New York. He questioned faith in Yeshua, only to embrace Him as his Savior...

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Jesus: Messiah and Anointed One | Understanding His Authority and Purpose Nov 03, 2023

Welcome to Gospel Spice, the podcast that takes you on a flavorful journey through the text of Scripture. Stephanie invites you to dive into the Gospel of Matthew to uncover the hidden spices of the life of Jesus. We'll be exploring the cultural nuances and unspoken clues that Jesus' original...

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Surrendering to God's Guidance: The Key to Finding Your Green Light | with Katie Reid | episode 251 Oct 31, 2023

Embracing Weakness: The Power of Bringing Our Fragility to God's Strong Embrace

Stephanie Rousselle is joined by a special guest, Katie Reid, to dive into the topic of surrendering and finding strength in God. In this episode, Katie shares her insights on surrendering to God's will and finding...

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Trusting God's heart over our own | Discovering true freedom in the Gospel Oct 27, 2023

Stephanie reflects on the concept of freedom and the idea of choosing our master. As she shares her personal journey of relinquishing control, Stephanie challenges the notion that we are the best masters of our own lives. Instead, she encourages us to look beyond ourselves and find a master who...

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Finally! Freedom from body image struggles | with Heather Creekmore | episode 249 Oct 24, 2023

Today I am welcoming my dear friend Heather Creekmore to talk about her radical solution to body image issues for Christian women who have tried everything. Heather and I talk about our truth vs. God’s Truth – things we think we know, but let’s be honest: when it comes to our...

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Reviving Our Faith in a Stagnant Spiritual Life Oct 20, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Gospel Spice, the podcast where we delve into the original flavors and spices of the Gospel. Stephanie invites us to explore the impact of culture on our faith.

Stephanie Rousselle takes us on a journey to understand how culture shapes our perspective of God and how...

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Embracing Messy Stories: Finding Beauty in God's Redemption | with Shadia Hrichi | episode 247 Oct 17, 2023

Stephanie and her guest Shadia Hrichi delve into the richness of messy stories and God's incredible redemption.

We have the privilege of welcoming back the brilliant and passionate Shadia Hrichi. Shadia is known for her love of messy stories and the people who have experienced pain and trials....

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Encounter Jesus in a Culturally Relevant Way | Jesus, Rabbi and Lord Oct 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alongside Jesus and his initial audience? To experience the fresh spiritual flavors that the Messianic Jewish culture weaves into the four gospels? Well, that's exactly what we here aim to do. Stephanie invites you to dig deep into Scripture,...

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Grow your faith through truthful fiction | with Jenny Cote | episode 245 Oct 10, 2023

Bonjour! Stephanie here. I just had the most fun and delightful, enthusiastic, encouraging conversation with my dear friend Jenny Cote. She has been on Gospel Spice before, but that was over 3 years ago, and I thought it was high time to invite her back because I believe she creates some of the...

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Clinging to Delight: Navigating the Restlessness of Life by Resting in God | episode 244 Oct 06, 2023

In this final episode in our REST series, Stephanie invites us to examine the importance of not settling for anything less than the best when it comes to our relationship with God. Our hearts are designed to find true delight and worship in Him alone.

Listen here: ...

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God's tender fatherliness | a conversation about grace and goodness Oct 03, 2023

Bonjour! Stephanie here. Welcome to today’s conversation! It’s an unusual one – I thought we’d start this new format every few weeks, where we are inviting you to join us for an informal chat about what is going on in our lives, and here at Gospel Spice. So today I am...

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Practicing for Heaven: Cultivating Contentment in the Midst of a Restless World | episode 242 Sep 29, 2023

Stephanie continues to unpack the concept of contentment in the context of rest, and how it relates to our restless souls. She begins by sharing a heartwarming story about her beloved grandmother’s endearing habit of leaving a bit of chocolate on their baguette, calling it the "Chocolate...

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Living life with Jesus as your closest, most present friend | with Jared C. Wilson | Episode 241 Sep 26, 2023

Stephanie welcomes pastor and author Jared Wilson for an intriguing conversation about what a true, authentic friendship with Jesus feels and tastes like. They talk about how it will transform your life, and your very identity. It is about knowing Christ, and the power of His resurrection and the...

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Experiencing True Rest: Adoption, Identity, and the Overflowing Stream of the Spirit | Episode 240 Sep 22, 2023

Have you ever wondered about God's love for you? Before time even began, Jesus chose to adopt us into His family. It is a comforting truth to rest in, knowing that before we even existed, He looked forward to delighting in us. Moreover, this profound love extends beyond our actions and abilities...

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I have good news today: God is not about to give up on you. | with Max Lucado Sep 19, 2023

Bonjour! Stephanie here. You know how sometimes we love to have Christmas in July? Or, in this case, maybe in September? Today was such a special day for me. I just had the most delightful conversation with Max Lucado about the power of honesty and the grace of God. Here is what Max has to tell...

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The Overflowing Well: Finding Infinite Rest in a World of Restlessness | episode 238 Sep 15, 2023

Stephanie is on a mission to guide us closer to God through a unique blend of biblical flavors and French culture. In this season of Gospel Spice, she explores the theme of rest, inviting us to discover the profound joy and peace that comes from abiding in Christ. Stephanie encourages us to...

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