What does it mean that Jesus is our Bridegroom? | Gospel Spice Easter BONUS Mar 29, 2023

Stephanie invites us to enter the last week of Jesus' earthly life. We will take a long, slow look at the events that precede the Cross and the Resurrection. On the menu here at Gospel Spice today, the first-century Jewish custom of betrothal! And, more specifically, how Jesus shouted loud and...

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Taste the fullness of Easter afresh | Gospel Spice Easter Mar 27, 2023

We invite you to consider Easter under a fresh light, a slightly different angle, maybe with a sprinkle of unexpected spices. Our goal today is to know Jesus more – because that is the essence of Easter. One of the best ways to experience Scripture afresh is to connect the Old and the New...

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Practicing the Presence of God | Pathways to God's Presence Mar 20, 2023

We wrap our series, Pathways to God’s Presence, with an invitation to practice heaven and the presence of God in our lives today. Stephanie beckons us to ponder the seasons and moments of our lives as cycles of growth towards deeper intimacy with God. She opens for us the joy and privileges...

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Listen to the promptings of life | with Os Guinness Mar 10, 2023

You are in for a super special treat today as Stephanie welcomes back her all-time favorite guest and friend, Os Guinness, to discuss his latest book, which you do not want to miss, and also to celebrate 50 years since the publication of his first book. The book they are discussing today is going...

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Super-charge your spiritual progress through rest and fasting | Pathways to God's Presence Mar 06, 2023

Today is the episode where we tackle all sorts of countercultural concepts, like fasting, silence and solitude, and rest as a form of worship. So let’s get to it!

You can watch Stephanie give this lesson on video format on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/3qGg1gv7z2o 


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A simple recipe to love well | Pathways to God's presence Feb 27, 2023

Today we are tackling some big topics in our Pathways to God’s Presence series. Our focus is on what God calls us to do, and specifically how we are called to do it. We are not going to emphasize trying harder or striving deeper or hustling a bit longer. These are not pathways to the...

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How can we actually live in victory? | with Judy Dunagan Feb 20, 2023

Do you often feel stuck battling the same fears, temptations, lies, and doubts, wondering if you’ll ever overcome them? Does it seem as if you’re in that battle alone? Stephanie welcomes Judy Dunagan to discuss Christ-centered solutions to these problems that plague most of us. How do...

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Embrace the unhurried pace of Jesus Christ | with Alan Fadling Feb 14, 2023

With the overwhelming pace of life, many of us struggle to stop long enough to be present. Too often we live our lives more at the pace of the culture in self-interest, drivenness, empty excitement and anxiety. Alan Fadling has spent years coaching leaders and communities how to live an unhurried...

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Overcoming discouragement | Pathways to God's presence Feb 13, 2023

With our current series, we hope we can learn to do community together as the body of Christ because we share the same experiences of these pathways we travel on together. So, this series is less of an in-depth approach to Scripture, and more a simple framework for deeper intimacy with God...

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How do we develop godly habits? | Pathways to God's presence Feb 06, 2023

Welcome back! We cover much in our Pathways to God’s presence series today. We invite you to grow into the moment by moment surrender to God’s will and whisper as, together, we practice the presence of God today.

Stephanie says, “There is a virtuous cycle between what we believe...

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Will you say YES to God in 2023? | with Jennifer Hand Jan 30, 2023

Stephanie invites you into her conversation with beloved friend Jennifer Hand to discuss how to approach 2023 and most importantly, how to keep God at the very center of our lives, our hearts, our passions and, yes, our fears and anxiety. They have an honest, raw conversation about our fears, our...

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How do I encounter God today? | Pathways to God's presence Jan 23, 2023

Our goal is to enter and remain in the presence of God through the pathways He has ordained for this purpose. The presence of God is our path and our destination.

In Hebrew, the word Presence and the word Face are the same. In the ancient world without zoom and facetime, you could only be in the...

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Meet with God where He said He would be | Pathways to God's presence | Gospel Spice Winter Jan 16, 2023

Welcome to our winter 2023 series, "Pathways to God's presence." How do we keep our relationship with God fresh and not stale? How do we avoid being disappointed or dissatisfied with our relationship with God? How do we explore fresh avenues to meet with Him especially when it’s dry or...

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Holding on to faith when life doesn't make sense | with Naomi Zacharias Jan 09, 2023

Naomi Zacharias joins Stephanie again on Gospel Spice to provide insights on the global fight against human trafficking and towards the restoration of dignity—one life at a time.

 Make sure to watch the live recording of this conversation and to subscribe to our YouTube channel...

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Open Hands, Willing Heart for the New Year | with Vivian Mabuni Dec 30, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Vivian Mabuni for a heart-to-heart conversation about God, passion for Jesus, and an all-out life of surrender to His plan and goodness. As He invites us into a new year, how would He have us depend on Him this year? What does it mean to have “open hands and a willing...

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Your Jesus-centered Christmas today Dec 23, 2022

High Christology Scripture Readings for Christmas: listen here: https://www.podcastics.com/episode/214072/link/ 

Stephanie reads her favorite passages about Jesus, both in the Old and in the New Testaments. Her goal is to magnify Him in your heart and life, to make this your most...

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Loving our military community at Christmas and always: why and how? | with Megan B. Brown Dec 16, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Megan B. Brown, founder and executive director of MilSpo Co (Military Spouse Coalition), a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Christ with the military communities worldwide. Megan shares her own story, her heart, and passion for building the Kingdom of God in...

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A cup of Christmas tea with Mary Mother of Jesus Dec 12, 2022

Stephanie invites us to  join her for a cup of Christmas tea alongside Mary the mother of Jesus. Let us ponder her life and legacy. Starting at he Annunciation (when the Angel told her the news of Jesus' impending arrival!), she lived a journey to faith, of faith, and in faith. How can we...

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Jill Briscoe on Christmas and her husband's legacy Dec 05, 2022

Jill Briscoe is a prolific author, speaker and poet. Today she brings us two Christmas poems as well as the context that led her to write them. She and Stephanie have enjoyed many phone conversations over the past few years, and Jill was eager to bring our Gospel Spice listeners a special...

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Toss your treasure over the wall | Thanksgiving & gratitude Nov 29, 2022

Stephanie invites us to ponder an original perspective to help us determine how to invest our time, money and talents wisely, with heaven in mind. What does Jesus mean when He urges us to "accumulate treasures in heaven"? Surely He does not mean we will need money in eternity. What are these...

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