Embrace the unhurried pace of Jesus Christ | with Alan Fadling Feb 14, 2023

With the overwhelming pace of life, many of us struggle to stop long enough to be present. Too often we live our lives more at the pace of the culture in self-interest, drivenness, empty excitement and anxiety. Alan Fadling has spent years coaching leaders and communities how to live an unhurried...

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Open Hands, Willing Heart for the New Year | with Vivian Mabuni Dec 30, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Vivian Mabuni for a heart-to-heart conversation about God, passion for Jesus, and an all-out life of surrender to His plan and goodness. As He invites us into a new year, how would He have us depend on Him this year? What does it mean to have “open hands and a willing...

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Loving our military community at Christmas and always: why and how? | with Megan B. Brown Dec 16, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Megan B. Brown, founder and executive director of MilSpo Co (Military Spouse Coalition), a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Christ with the military communities worldwide. Megan shares her own story, her heart, and passion for building the Kingdom of God in...

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Jill Briscoe on Christmas and her husband's legacy Dec 05, 2022

Jill Briscoe is a prolific author, speaker and poet. Today she brings us two Christmas poems as well as the context that led her to write them. She and Stephanie have enjoyed many phone conversations over the past few years, and Jill was eager to bring our Gospel Spice listeners a special...

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A conversation with Lara Silva | Eden | The Chosen Nov 18, 2022

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If you know anything about Stephanie, you know she is a huge The Chosen fan! So what a joy to welcome Lara Silva to Gospel Spice! Lara plays Eden, who is the feisty, faith-filled, big-dream wife of Simon-Peter in the show. Lara tells us about how her own personality influences the...

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Prepare for your most Christ-soaked Advent yet | with Ruth Chou Simons Nov 07, 2022

Ruth Chou Simons joins Stephanie today to invite families into an unconventional, life-changing Advent season. How can we prepare for a DIFFERENT kind of Advent - when Jesus is truly the center? How can we cultivate a posture of gratitude, an attitude of receiving goodness from the Lord, and a...

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"Live your truth" and other lies | with Alisa Childers (episode 167) Sep 19, 2022

Stephanie welcomes apologist and author Alisa Childers for a lively conversation about the absolute truth of the gospel in the context of the current views that emerge from progressive Christianity and deconstruction movements.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: https://www.podcastics.com/episode/139065/link/...

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Take back your joy | with Nicole Jacobsmeyer Sep 05, 2022

Stephanie welcomes like-minded soul sister Nicole Jacobsmeyer for a raw, deep conversation about pain, suffering, God’s role in it, and ours. Though they just met over this conversation, they clicked in deep ways. Throughout a decade of trials—from assault and depression to...

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Invest in the Kingdom NOW | with Jonathan Evans Jun 07, 2022

For Father's Day, Stephanie welcomes NFL chaplain and Pastor Jonathan Evans for a no-nonsense conversation about our investment as parents for the Kingdom of God. With his trademark candid and bold kindness, Jonathan shares his approach to parenting, as well as what he learned from his parents,...

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How can we personally live up to our calling to freedom today? | with Os Guinness - Part 2 Oct 14, 2021

Episode 115 - Stephanie is deeply passionate about the message of Os Guinness. In Part 2 of this interview, Os and Stephanie take things personally: how will our true knowing of God shape our calling and tranform us into the form for transformation God is calling us to be? Os takes us...

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Can we find true freedom for both society and the human soul? | with Os Guinness - Part 1 Oct 12, 2021

 Episode 114 - Stephanie is deeply passionate about the message of Os Guinness. How are we to understand the times we are living in? How are we to live as Christians and agents of both reconciliation and truth in a culture that seems to seek neither? How are we to fulfill our calling,...

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Can God TRULY be enough? with Erica Wiggenhorn Sep 11, 2021

Episode 106 - Stephanie welcomes Erica Wiggenhorn, bestselling Bible Study author, national speaker, and now releasing her brand new book, Letting God be enough. So, with that kind of book title, you can certainly expect a vulnerable conversation about self-introspection, daring to look...

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