A conversation with Lara Silva | Eden | The Chosen

Nov 18, 2022

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If you know anything about Stephanie, you know she is a huge The Chosen fan! So what a joy to welcome Lara Silva to Gospel Spice! Lara plays Eden, who is the feisty, faith-filled, big-dream wife of Simon-Peter in the show. Lara tells us about how her own personality influences the character of Eden, and how her own personal life experiences have prepared her for this role (Lara even gets emotional when sharing such deep intimate details!). She tells us about her faith, her spiritual routine, and how Jesus has truly transformed her life, giving her a purpose and a passion. She seeks to glorify Him and delight in Him, and that makes her a true Gospel Spice girl!

Lara invites us to obey and follow Jesus all the way, letting Him come near to transform us. She looks back at who she used to be, and looks forward to the person God is shaping her to become. 

Lara shares about her favorite spice, of course, and how her Brazilian roots and culture are so much a part of her daily experience of Scripture.

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