Open Hands, Willing Heart for the New Year | with Vivian Mabuni

Dec 30, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Vivian Mabuni for a heart-to-heart conversation about God, passion for Jesus, and an all-out life of surrender to His plan and goodness. As He invites us into a new year, how would He have us depend on Him this year? What does it mean to have “open hands and a willing heart” (the title of her book)? Vivian is an Asian American Christian woman, wife, mom, and cancer survivor. Just like Stephanie, her different worlds influence who she is, how she leads, and the way she connects with God and others.


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We know that the center of God's will is the best place to be, but surrender is easier said than done. A host of hurdles, from busyness and bitterness to complacency and control, can prevent us from moving where He directs. As we cross over to 2023, Vivian Mabuni provides an authentic look at what it means to willingly risk saying yes to whatever God asks--and highlights a practical path to the deeper joy of a yielded life.

Vivian and Stephanie also discuss living at the intersection of Scripture and culture, and how our culture influences our experience of Scripture, as well as how discovering cultures outside the European/Western circle will open up your eyes to the culture of Scripture and of Jesus Himself!


Vivian Mabuni is a national speaker, author, bible teacher and podcast host. Her writing has appeared in Christianity Today, SheReadsTruth, Our Daily Bread, Propel Sophia and her teachings have been featured on the YouVersion Bible App’s “Verse of the Day”. With over 30 years on staff with Cru, Viv loves teaching about the Bible and its practical application to ministry and life. She has been a keynote speaker at IF:Gathering, QCommons, Cru Winter Conferences, Family Life’s “Weekend To Remember”, and Biola University. Author of "Open Hands, Willing Heart”, she also serves on the Board of Trustees for Denver Seminary and is the founder & host of “Someday Is Here” a podcast for AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) leaders. Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 30 years, Darrin, and marveling at their three young adult kids.

Connect with her on Instagram/Twitter @vivmabuni or on her website

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