the Jewish roots of Matthew's gospel
Immerse yourself for a year in the first century Jewish culture, and experience Jesus like never before… 


We invite you to join the Gospel Spice Podcast for a guided tour to experience the Gospel of Matthew through a Jewish cultural framework while retaining orthodox Christian doctrine.


We follow Matthew, the Jewish author of the first Gospel, as he flavors his narrative with fresh and exotic Middle Eastern spiritual spices to enhance our heart-and-mind relational experience with Jesus. The every-day foodie Christians in search of renewed intimacy with God, as well as the active seekers, will appreciate the easy-to-follow, in-depth cultural insights as they embark on a journey to experience Jesus through stories, analogies, and timeless biblical truths.


We make first-century Jewish culture accessible to modern twenty-first century minds by putting scholarly research within the grasp of everyday Scripture readers. The more avid Bible student will find overly familiar passages come to life anew like a welcome breath of fresh air as well. This invigorating cultural 3-D experience is the solution if the Bible has become flat and stale to today’s Christian.
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alongside Jesus and his initial audience? To experience the fresh spiritual flavors that the Messianic Jewish culture weaves into the four gospels? Well, that's exactly what we here aim to do through this original series, JESUS RABBI AND LORD. Stephanie invites you to dig deep into Scripture, unearthing raw diamonds that may need a little cleaning up, but will ultimately shine brightly.

So get ready to embark on this enlightening and transformative journey with Gospel Spice. Prepare to encounter Jesus in a way that resonates with our modern world and discover the richness of the gospel through the lens of Jewish culture. Let's dig deep, uncover the hidden spices, and experience the beauty of the Scriptures together. Welcome to Gospel Spice!

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