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Bundle up to purchase all 3 e-books for our listeners-favorite series, Jesus Rabbi and Lord. Unbeatable price for amazing time with God!

Printable E-book 1 | JESUS RABBI AND LORD

Use this PRINTABLE E-BOOK to move through the Matthew series, where we taste and see that the Lord is good with this spiritual foodie’s guided tour of Matthew’s Gospel.

These printable e-books provide many different ways to experience an authentic experience bursting with Middle Eastern spices and faith-boosting insights!   

For each of the first 12 episodes in our series you will see...

- episode summary, so you can remember what you covered;

- key takeaways, so you can focus on what matters most;

- questions to go deeper, on your own or with a friend;

- the most powerful quotes from the episode to help you remember the most important lessons;

- Bible verses to enhance your rest - to research, memorize, or study on your own;

- bonus content: all the topics covered in the episode, so you can choose which ones you want to explore more completely on your own.