What does our future hold? Nov 30, 2021

Episode 122 - Today is our last day in our Tabernacle series, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas in our upcoming season. What better way to prepare for the Incarnate Christ, than to behold one last time the symbolism of the Tabernacle for the incarnation?


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How can we enter the Holy of Holies? Nov 16, 2021

Episode 120 -  Last week we reverently stepped into the Holy Place. Today—today is the most hallowed day in the Jewish calendar, symbolically for us. This is the day we clothe ourselves fully in the righteousness of our Great Hight Priest, Jesus our Messiah, so we can enter...

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Holy Hush Nov 09, 2021

Episode 119 -  Today. Today! Today, we are going in. This is the day we have been building up to, ever since we entered our Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle podcast series here at Gospel Spice. Literally thousands have joined us from all over the world.

Listen here:...

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YOUR questions, answered! Oct 26, 2021

Episode 117 - In this special episode celebrating our mid-way point in our current podcast series titled “Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle” we invite you to join Stephanie and special host Chera for a live Q&A session recorded when this series was initially taught as a...

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Are you worthy to enter? Oct 19, 2021

Episode 116 - After two episodes of setting the eternal, sweeping stage for the Tabernacle (episodes 112 + 13, a must-listen if you are new to the show), today we actually enter its outer court and start making our way towards our destination—the Holy of holies (episode 120).

We are...

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What is the perspective of heaven? Oct 06, 2021

Episode 113 - Through the Tabernacle, taste and see that the Lord is good! This might be the most in-depth series yet to release on the Gospel Spice podcast. Yet, its mix of storytelling and insightful illustrations makes it easy-to-understand, approachable, and relatable. As with everything...

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