Wisdom by the bushel!

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021


Are you looking for words of wisdom in quarantine, and encouragement as we plow through yet another week of quarantine?

Fear is contagious. But so are faith and wisdom.

There are many voices out there that clamor for your attention. Many of them do not have your best interest at heart--they seek attention by spreading fear and anxiety. We need to intentionally counter them with voices of peace, truth, faith and hope.

I am inviting you to listen to such voices of faith in the guest episodes of Gospel Spice. I have the privilege of interviewing wonderful guests, from a wide range of background. They offer you wisdom in quarantine!

One thing they all have in common, is solid faith and anchored wisdom.

It's for you today. Click on the link below to open the default podcast listening app on your device (100% safe and easy):

For such a time as this: Easter amidst Covid-19 with author Erica Wiggenhorn

Move from fear to hope TODAY with Dr Tony and Emily Miller

A journey of faith, amazing tales and an epic God with bestselling author Jenny Cote

Today's spices: hope, joy and love with marriage expert and Bible study author Pam Farrel

What truly matters with Pastor Ron Moore

That's wisdom in quarantine by the bushel.

Are you still in the Easter experience?

Then I would humbly recommend this list of episodes to usher you in praise and awe of our wonderful risen Lord: Easter Week, Moment by Moment.


A bientot!*

Stephanie :)


(* See you again soon!)

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