Why you've faced this month

Aug 28, 2021

I've shared with you what you told me of the hardships you faced this past month, and the words I heard describing how you faced it all.

Now I want to tell you what you told me about why you've faced it all. Why did you endure? Why didn't you give up--on you, on your loved ones, on life, and on God?

You faced this month because you know that this world is a shadow of reality. We live in the Shadowlands, to quote CS Lewis. There is a greater, more real reality awaiting us. We are banking on the truth that heaven is real, and we are getting closer each day. If this hardship does not kill us, it will make us stronger as we await heaven. And if it does, then we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You have not minimized your struggles. But you are wisely living each day in the timeless perspective of infinity. As you do, God becomes more real in your life. More tangible. More beautiful.

And you become more and more aware of how much He truly loves you.

Fiercely and passionately pursuing you until you audaciously embrace how long and wide and deep and high His love for you is.

You face it all, because you want to experience His love at a more profound level.

Thank you for inspiring me, and us all. Keep on pursuing the One who has been pursuing you since before the foundation of time.

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