The transfiguration will revolutionize your faith | with Steve Laube (episode 170)

Oct 10, 2022

Stephanie welcomes a guest teacher as part of our God's Glory, our Delight series. Steve Laube is joining us as a theologian and Bible teacher. Among many other things, Steve is a Sunday Class teacher with deep passion for delight in the glory of God, and decades of study in theology. He brings to us today his passion for Scripture and his eye for detail as we join Peter, James and John on the mountain to witness the once-in-history Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Peter's inkling to build "three tabernacles" (or "booths" or "tents") when he witnessed the event and the presence of Moses and Elijah, might indicate that the transfiguration took place in the general season of the "fall festivals" of Jewish faith - the festival of succoth, or festival of booths, being preeminent among the Jewish fall festivals. Succoth starts in 2022 on October 9, so we are releasing this episode in conjunction with this beautiful celebration.


The transfiguration is the most paramount event in the earthly life of Jesus Christ to reveal His glory. Through the eyes of Peter, James and John we are invited to experience delight in the glory of the One and Only begotten Son of the Father, on whom His glory and delight dwell. So we ask,

Why does the transfiguration matter to our faith today?

Why does it matter that Moses and Elijah showed up on the mountain with Jesus?

Why could they (and we) not stay on the mountaintop? Why do we need to descend back into the valley?

What does the Jewish festival of Succoth have to do with the Transfiguration?

Steve opens the texts of Scripture to us today to beckon us into experience of delight in the glory of Jesus Christ.


Steve is also an influential figure in the world of Christian publishing as a veteran of the bookselling industry with over 40 years of experience. In the 80s he was a bookstore manager; then spent over a decade with Bethany House Publishers; later, he became a literary agent, founding The Steve Laube Agency. He was also inducted into the Grand Canyon University Hall-of-Fame by their College of Theology. He is married with three grown children and two grandsons.

Steve is the President of The Christian Writers Institute and publishes the annual Christian Writers Market Guide. In addition, he is the Publisher for Enclave Publishing, a division of Oasis Family Media, one of the premier publishers of science fiction and fantasy written from a Christian worldview.

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Enclave is a leading publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Whether it’s Christian science fiction you love, or fantasy, time travel, steampunk, alternate history, spiritual warfare, superhero, or technothriller—if it’s speculative and it comes from the Christian worldview, Enclave is the place to go. We strive to get Christian speculative fiction into the hands of the fans who love and devour great stories.

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