"Who touched Me?" | Jesus asks | Episode 224

Jul 28, 2023

Stephanie invites you to explore a fascinating question posed by Jesus: "Who touched Me?" She discusses the importance of physical touch and using the five senses to bridge theory and reality. Starting with the healing of the woman who touched Jesus' garment to heal herself, Stephanie invites us to ponder the ramifications of this woman’s state when she subsequently found herself being questioned by Him as to who had touched Him.

Stephanie invites you into a life that emphasizes the power of faith in Christ, drawing a connection between the shame linked to the woman's blood discharge and the shame Jesus endured on the cross while his blood was poured out for the many. She encourages you to build public declaration of faith, to place faith in the right person, namely, Christ, and to not oversimplify the issue of faith and healing. She discusses how not everyone is healed and how Jesus forced the woman seeking healing to publicly acknowledge herself, which is related to the healing process and overcoming shame. 

The symbolic significance of Jewish garments is also highlighted, especially the iconic tassels that Jewish men still wear today at the four corners of their garment. What does it tell us about God, heaven, and ourselves in Christ?

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1. What role does Jesus' question "who touched me?" play in the story?

2. How does the woman’s act of touching the hem of Jesus’ garment demonstrate her faith?

3. What do the tassels on Jewish garments symbolize in the context of this story?

4. What is the significance of public acknowledgement and confession in relation to healing and overcoming shame?

5. How does physical touch play a role in the healing process?

6. Why do you think not everyone is healed?

7. What does placing faith in the right person mean in the context of this story?

8. In what ways can our five senses help us bridge the gap between theory and reality in our faith journey?

9. What is the connection between the woman’s healing and receiving the Holy Spirit?

10. How can we apply the lessons from this story to our own lives and experiences with faith and healing?


This series is an invitation to immerse yourself in the various ways God communicates to us, and us to Him. So pay attention, He is here and willing to whisper in your ear.

A word of caution: don’t come to Scripture with the agenda of finding yourself there. Right now we are going to take Scripture in. Like breathing, like eating, like smelling a flower. Don’t come to Scripture with the agenda of finding yourself there. Come with the firm intention of discovering God instead. And then Scripture will never disappoint. God promises to be found in the places where He dwells – His Word especially. And in the process, you will undoubtedly find yourself as you find Him. So as we enter the hallowed pages of Scripture together, through a humble doorway and a very simple story, ask yourself: what is this telling me about Jesus?

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