Where can I experience God's glory?

god's glory our delight gospel spice podcast Apr 26, 2022

Episode 146 - We are so excited to welcome you to our new series, God's Glory, Our Delight. Taking delight in God: Nothing could be more important, and nothing could be more practical today.

We kick off the series with an episode that transitions us from Easter into this new season of deeper intimacy with God. You are invited to experience the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus today! Today Stephanie has invited a long-time friend who shaped her own theology of glory and of the cross of Jesus Christ when she was a young believer. Pastor John Lambert tells us about the places where he has encountered the glory of God in Scripture, and humbly invites us on a journey to do the same. What is human glory? What is divine glory? Who is Jesus Christ when it comes to God's glory? Most importantly, how does the crucifixion manifest the glory of God in most unexpected and most moving ways? Jesus’s Passion (His suffering) and His death are seen as the supreme showcase of His glory. How can this be?  How can glory come from such horror and excruciating suffering?

Jesus closed the gap between our sin and God’s righteousness. Because of this, Jesus’s complete innocence was given to us. John invites us to ponder glory emanating from creation is illusive, momentary, diluted and falls short of the glory of God. What times in your life have you experienced this momentary, fleeting glory? How long did it satisfy you? Did it make you want to keep seeking it??  If this type of glory never brings complete satisfaction why do we keep seeking it?

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