When and where can I listen to Gospel Spice?

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021

Where and when can I listen to Gospel Spice?

... Oh let me count the ways!

When do you listen to radio programs? When do you listen to music? You can listen to your favorite podcasts there and then too!

✔️During your morning or evening commute?

✔️In the grocery store?

✔️While you are getting ready in the morning?

✔️While you are getting ready for bed at night?

✔️During a neighborhood walk around the block?

✔️While you are preparing dinner, or doing the dishes in the kitchen?

✔️While you are gardening outside... or inside?

✔️... and how about when you are exercising, or on the treadmill, or running outside?

✔️As for my personal favorite... when I am drinking my morning coffee... in my favorite mug!

These are all perfect times to tune in to Gospel Spice and use this time to enjoy God's presence! That's called spiritual multitasking!

Check out this post to find out how to subscribe to Gospel Spice (it's free!) and enjoy it on your computer or on your phone! It's super easy--pinky promise!

Let me know WHERE and WHEN you listen to podcasts, music, or radio shows by leaving a comment below! :)

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