What you've faced this month

Aug 28, 2021

I have seen a lot this past month. I am blessed with an unspeakable privilege as part of my life calling as a teacher of the Word: ladies open up to me and share their struggles with me. They want prayer, or word of encouragement, or simply someone who will listen to them. I am honored beyond words every time.

This month, here are some of the words I heard: Divorce. Miscarriage. Transgender kids. Kids running away. Kids committing suicide. Alzheimer. Overdose. Chemo. Job loss.  DUI. Jail. Raising kids alone. A parent on deathbed. Burnout.

I've also heard, Loneliness. Rejection. Abandon. Fear of the future.

I am so woefully inadequate. Most of the time, I don't know what to say. We cry. We pray. We laugh. Together we ask God, we beg Him, we are even sometimes angry with Him for allowing these things to happen. But in the end, we always choose to trust Him and surrender. He knows things we don't. He has the big picture. And He holds us in the hollow of His palm. It is enough.

What have you heard this past month? Or, what are you facing? And how do you cling to God in the midst of it?

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