What will you choose: sit on the sidelines, or stand in the battle?

ephesians gospel spice podcast Sep 07, 2021

Welcome to our final episode in our Summer 2021 series, Identity in the Battle. Over the course of the last eight weeks, we took deep dives into the letter to the Ephesians with a focus on putting on our God-given identity, and then putting on the armor to fight the battles of this life, grounded in who God says we are.

Today, we invite you into one last taste from Paul's words to the Ephesians. 

Paul reminds us that we have a choice: to sit on the sidelines OR take your place in the battle. Which will it be?

We already know the end: will this lead to complacency, or to courage? Paul challenges us to know that the scope of the battle is against evil, not against people. How will this flavor your conflits today?

Stephanie reminds us of some foundational spiritual warfare:

1-     Become aware.

2-     Train up.

3-     Start standing firm.

4-     Keep resisting.

5-     Train others to resist.

As she puts it, "don’t go into the battlefield unarmed, or you won’t stay unharmed."

As we conclude, remember that the reality of our identity is found in the fullness of Christ.

Next week, we will welcome a very special guest to celebrate our second Gospel Spice Anniversary! It's been two years now since we launched our little podcast. It is now reaching thousands in over 100 countries! What a mind-boggling journey the Lord has laid out for us. It is our delight to walk it alongside you! So make sure ot tune in next week. And then, after this special episode, we will kick off our brand new study, called "Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle." Stephanie shares that this is the season that led her deepest into study and Scripture. It has deepened her intimacy with God in fresh, spicy new ways, and we are pretty confident it will yours, too! So make sure to tune in for our new series starting just after our celebratory episode.

Every week, Stephanie shares truth from Scripture and invites you to dig deeper in your faith to delight in the glory of God.

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