What can I do today to fight human trafficking? with Rebecca Bender

gospel spice podcast Sep 21, 2021

Episode 111 – Stephanie welcomes Rebecca Bender for the second half of our Gospel Spice 2nd Anniversary Celebration. This episode highlights one of Gospel Spice’s mission, to raise awareness in the fight against human trafficking in the US and aboard.

This powerful episode is absolutely a must-listen, but is not for young ears: though we have kept it very clean, it might raise difficult questions from little ones. Listen accordingly!

For nearly six years, Rebecca was sold across the underground world of sex trafficking in Las Vegas. She was branded, beaten, told when to sleep and what to wear, and traded between traffickers. Even in the midst of her exploitation, God began revealing himself to her and she found the hope she needed to survive. After a federal raid, Rebecca escaped. Her life was forever changed as she felt the embrace of her heavenly Father guiding her to healing and wholeness.

Rebecca soon began to use her own experiences to change the lives of others as she went back into the darkest places she had known--assisting FBI, VICE, and law enforcement across the country in some of their most difficult cases.

Today, Rebecca is an award-winning thought leader, advocate, speaker and consultant with a Master’s degree in Christian Thought and years of insight on industry best practices. She has trained and equipped well over 100,000 professionals, individuals, agencies, and organizations to identify human trafficking in their own back yards. She is also the founder of Elevate Academy, the largest online school for human trafficking, serving nearly 800 survivors in 368 locations across the country and around the world. Her memoir, “In Pursuit of Love” was published by Zondervan in January 2020. Rebecca’s incredible story of hope and redemption reminds us all that our past does not determine our destiny.

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