What does it mean to lead well? | Summer Series with Stephanie

Jul 25, 2022

Our Summer series invite you to ponder important topics for daily living. Stephanie and her occasional guests tell us about the importance of our definition of success, the key elements of leadership roles, the traps of comparison, the importance of theology, and much more! These stand-along episodes are meant to encourage you and challenge you to experience deeper fruitfulness in your various roles and ministries, in all the relationships and areas of your life.

Today's theme is leadership. We are all leaders, in one capacity or another. If you don't think you are ever in a position of leadership, think again! Leadership does not necessarily mean a large oragnization. You lead as a parent, as a student, as a peer, and in many areas that might not feel like leadership as the world defines it! For example, a mother who is potty-training her child has to exhibit a certain and real set of leadership skills. A teacher in the classroom, or a small group leader at church, all have to learn how to improve their leadership skills. So... What is a good leader--and how can you spot a bad leader a mile away? What are the various traits of leadership, and how do they differ from styles of leadership? How can you learn from good and bad leaders? How do you identity bad leadership? How do you handle the various responsibilities that comes with your leadership?

Stephanie gave this presentation to a group of Gospel Spice leadership trainees. You will get to hear their questions in the Q&A session at the end of this episode. If you are interested to participate in the next GospelSpice leadership training, email us at [email protected] We hope to hold the next sessions in early 2023. If you wish to access the video that contains the deck of slides that Stephanie used, become a member at gospelspice.com (it's free) and you will find it on our member community board in "Stephanie's library."

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