We are Shades of Red.

gospel spice podcast shades of red Jan 18, 2022


We are all of the earth

In our most primal state, we are as unique as God made us to be.


We are emotional beings.

And, we all bleed red.


We are all born from the earth.

Shades of Red.

Red clay soil like a crimson Arizona canyon at sunset.

And from the ashes of the earth, like fine granules of sand – we rise and are born “man”.


We are all man created by God.

God breathed to cultivate the world.

We are human kind.







Our Father’s children.

Our Father’s Adam.

Born of this earth, from the beginning of time.

Returned to the earth and our Father’s Adamah.

Until the end of time.


We are.



“We Are” | Written by Beth Dyas for GospelSpice Ministries “Shades of Red” Study – Winter 2022.


Beth is a founding Core-Team member at Gospel Spice Ministries. She wears the many hats of wife, mother, volunteer, mentor, artist, aspiring writer and poet.

She loves the energy and enthusiasm that occurs when women link arms for a specific purpose using their God-given gifts and talents.  A born organizer, she enjoys the challenge of making events run smoother—which makes everybody on the team so delighted to work with her every day!

Her favorite quote is by filmmaker Lynn Shelton:  “Don’t wait for permission to tell your story.  Just go out and make it.”

Her favorite Bible verse is “We love because he first loved us” (1John 4:19). Beth truly believes that love is at the core of everything that we do and how we connect with others.



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