Victorious in Worship: Finding Rest and Delighting in God Amidst Life's Battlegrounds | episode 236

Sep 08, 2023

Following up on our previous episode (make sure to tune in!), Stephanie dives deep into the art and mystery of contentment, as discussed by the Puritans. They recognized that true contentment is an elusive concept, often misunderstood by a world that seeks fulfillment in the accumulation of material possessions and worldly success.

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Stephanie explores how our discontent and restlessness can arise from striving for more, whether it be popularity, wealth, or approval. Drawing from the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, she highlights the dangers of self-promotion and seeking to make a name for ourselves. Instead, rest lies in surrendering to God's plan and finding delight in Him. Stephanie unpacks the powerful message of Matthew 11 in relation to finding rest and highlights the need for repentance, rest, quietness, and trust in our journey of salvation and strength. Throughout, she reminds us of the transformative power of delighting in God, especially in times of hardship and affliction.

Stephanie leads us on a journey to experience a fresh measure of rest and a deeper revelation of God's goodness. Discover how delighting in God, even in the midst of challenges, can bring true strength and victory.


This is the second of 6 episodes on rest. Stephanie initially taught keynotes at several distinct events and, surprisingly, the event organizers asked her to speak on the topic of rest. They didn't know they were all asking for the same theme. Stephanie crafted unique talks for each event, and wondered how this serendipitous convergence on the theme of rest might apply to you, our beloved Podcast audience. So, here are the keynotes she gave on the topic of dwelling in the presence of God, and delighting in His glory, as the essence, goal and means of rest.

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