Today is Passover! Experience Jesus in the Upper Room

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021

Passover. It's today. I invite you to experience Jesus in the Upper Room.

You've probably seen the social media posts encouraging you to frame your door with red. Chances are, you understand why.

But do you really grasp how this ties into the Passover meal that Jesus celebrated with His disciples on April 6, AD30, the evening before He was killed on Good Friday?

And then, there's the bread. The passover bread, that was traditionally broken, bruised, hidden, and revealed.

I've got chills all over, just thinking about it. Oh, my.

And so, I humbly give you this episode of Gospel Spice, with all the following details:

After we take a few moments to remember what just happened (from Sunday to Wednesday: the Pharisees, Mary of Bethany, and the 30 pieces of silver), we remember the origins of Passover--freedom from bondage through the sacrifice of the innocent lamb, the blood smeared on the doorposts of God-trusting families.

And then, the Thursday evening Passover meal.

Jesus, Prophet, Priest and King, breaks with tradition as He washes not only the hands, but the feet of His guests.

The bread, unleavened and bruised and pierced. Broken in three pieces, the middle piece hidden, and then found in childlike faith, only to be celebrated with great joy by sharing it with all. These were, and still are, the Passover rituals taught and followed for hundreds of years before Jesus came.

The cup of redemption, cup of remembrance of the Passover blood of the lamb on the doorways, cup of the wedding covenant.

Jesus, the Bridegroom come for His bride.

It's all here: Experience Jesus in the Upper Room.

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