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gospel spice podcast shades of red Feb 08, 2022

Experience life in a gravity-free kindgom.

Episode 134 - Stephanie invites us to ponder what she calls "the spiritual law of gravity. It is quite simple, really. We all know not to break the physical law of gravity. It has its commandments. A smattering:

-          Do not jump off a high building.

-          Do not go into the deep if you don’t know how to swim.

-          Do not drop heavy rocks on your head.

Laws of gravity. We know any one of these would be enough to kill us; it does not take all of these together. Breaking one is enough to kill our body.

Moreover, none of us has ever challenged the laws of gravity. We don’t vote on them. We don’t approve or reject them. We don’t see them as optional preferences. We don’t think they have to do with personal choice. We accept them as facts of life. So much so, that we lovingly teach them to our children. Not to do so, would be parental neglect.

And so it is with the spiritual law of gravity. You don’t need to break all of its ten commandments to kill yourself spiritually. Only one is enough. A smattering?

-          Do not murder.

-          Do not commit adultery.

-          Do not steal.

-          Do not lie.

-          Do not envy.

When Jesus says that anger is murder, He is essentially saying that it does not take a 100-ton murder-boulder on your head to kill you; a one-pound rock of anger is plenty. It won’t take jumping off a 100-story building; a 2-story can be enough. And we all know that we can drown in less than a foot of water. It doesn’t take murder. Anger is enough. Murder as anger is one of the laws of spiritual gravity. Just ask Cain and Abel.

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