The power of His blood and our words against darkness

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021

I am honored to welcome Amanda "Flo" Florczykowski on the Gospel Spice Podcast this week. Her fight against child trafficking is a message to rally us all against this unspeakable evil.

Here are her own words:

At first it was 10,000 people who shared my story and that seemed unreal. Ten thousand people didn’t “know” me. Then, it was 20,000 shares and that seemed unbelievable. Then someone told me it was shared 50,000 times. I thought that would be where it stopped. Then it was 80,000 shares, then 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 170,000 . . .

Clearly, my message against child sex trafficking in America was important to people.

Everywhere I turned, a social shift was taking place: on every blog, podcast, or program, people were discussing the issues my post raised. God’s plan was that my toddler’s story of encountering it would first start a conversation . . . and millions were now talking. If millions might be listening, this is what I would say:

The elimination of any atrocity, including the demand for child sex, must first begin with pointing people back to the truth we have as believers.

Consider for a moment how unsuccessful the other solutions have been.

If there was a solution other than Jesus Christ, the trafficking epidemic would not be growing at such a rapid rate.

When we don’t consider the real, spiritual root of sex trafficking, we focus on symptoms that are unrelated to spiritual matters. We are forced to then present solutions that address these symptoms apart from the real, spiritual issue.  One organization founder said,

Amanda, what I have seen happen to an infant could not be committed without the influence of Satan himself.

It only reinforces that child sex trafficking is a dark battle that requires the weapons only suited for a spiritual fight. Here is how you and I fight.

Despite their differing backgrounds, nearly every expert on sex trafficking would agree that the demand for trafficking is truly this epidemic’s driving force. The fact that people would voraciously seek out sexual gratification from young, innocent, defenseless children or offer it to others and keep this multi-billion dollar business churning is being deemed the real problem. Yet, demand starts with desire. In other words, child sex trafficking will never stop without first stopping people’s craving for it—their internal demand.

How do we stop the reckless appetite of a spiritually depraved individual influenced by the evil of Satan himself? You and I don’t. Religion doesn’t. Church doesn’t. Laws do not.

Only God has the authority to bring about the internal change of a human soul (Ezekiel 36:26-27). So, you and I offer the change—we offer blood and words.

They triumphed over him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. – Revelation 12:11 

This evil, this internal demand, is only overcome when a person chooses to surrender their own life to the true, lasting, supernatural, and internal change that is only found in Christ Jesus. And we are the conduit of this truth, says Revelation 12:11. Offering blood and words means we are intentional and unafraid to share the truth of what Jesus did on the cross. We must declare how the Gospel message has forever changed us personally. His blood, our words.

As Christians who have experienced the truth of the Gospel, we carry the radical ability to use words to set people free. Desire may birth demand, but deliverance stops demand. And we believers who have been freed by God’s salvation, living free by growing in intimacy with Him, are the only ones who can offer freedom to people who need it.

If you really want to save a victim, you have to free a victimizer. And only free people free people.

  • by Amanda 'Flo' Florczykowski

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