The Overflowing Well: Finding Infinite Rest in a World of Restlessness | episode 238

Sep 15, 2023

Stephanie is on a mission to guide us closer to God through a unique blend of biblical flavors and French culture. In this season of Gospel Spice, she explores the theme of rest, inviting us to discover the profound joy and peace that comes from abiding in Christ. Stephanie encourages us to experience rest not merely as a physical break, but as a deep, life-altering encounter with the Living God.

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In this particular episode, Stephanie shares her insights and personal discoveries on the crucial topic of experiential heart knowledge of Christ. She draws inspiration from the Apostle Paul, who wholeheartedly embraced the path of surrender and sacrifice for the sake of knowing and having fellowship with Christ. Stephanie reminds us that true righteousness stems from faith in Christ, unleashing the boundless wellspring of rest that He offers.

Stephanie references the pivotal passage in Romans 8:1-8. This Scripture serves as a guiding light in exploring the transformative power of rest in our lives.

In the upcoming weeks, you don't want to miss the next four episodes that revolve around a weekend retreat where Stephanie was a keynote speaker. During this powerful event, she delved into the essence of rest, sharing her knowledge and experiences with eager participants. Stephanie extends a heartfelt invitation to all listeners to join her in practicing rest, as she leads us on an inspirational journey to encounter the restorative presence of our mighty God.

Stephanie discusses the incredible concept of dwelling in God's presence and finding delight in His glory. She challenges us to examine why we often feel the need to fill ourselves up, reminding us that we have unlimited access to the infinite supply within us through Christ. Stephanie compassionately explores the struggle of believing that God provides only a limited supply when He promises us an abundance that knows no bounds.

Stephanie encourages us to bridge the gap between what we say we believe and what we truly believe. She shares her unique perspective as a bilingual individual, highlighting the richness of the French language that possesses two distinct words for "know." This linguistic nuance inspires us to pursue a deeper, more intimate knowledge of Christ, one that goes beyond mere intellectual understanding.

Rest is not a one-time event; rather, it is a continuous process of surrendering to God's will. Stephanie gently reminds us that when we find ourselves aligned with the perfect will of God, true happiness and peace fill our hearts. However, she acknowledges the challenges inherent in surrendering to God's will, even when we know it is ultimately what is best for us.

Drawing from Romans 8:26-28, Stephanie emphasizes the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in helping us pray when we are at a loss for words. She invites us to tap into the wellspring of the Holy Spirit within us. This endless source of refreshment and guidance sustains and nourishes us on our journey of rest.

Let us embrace the life-giving rest found in Christ and strive to reduce the gap between what we claim to believe and what our lives genuinely reflect.

Before we conclude, we want to give a special shoutout to the Gospel Spice community. Your support and engagement have been a tremendous source of encouragement for Stephanie and the entire team. If you wish to dig deeper into the themes explored in Gospel Spice or are interested in booking Stephanie as a speaker for your next event, visit our website for more information or reach out to us directly.

Thank you for being a part of the Gospel Spice family. May this season of rest bring about a transformative encounter with God's presence, allowing you to experience true rest in your everyday life.


This is the third of 6 episodes on rest. Stephanie initially taught keynotes at several distinct events and, surprisingly, the event organizers asked her to speak on the topic of rest. They didn't know they were all asking for the same theme. Stephanie crafted unique talks for each event, and wondered how this serendipitous convergence on the theme of rest might apply to you, our beloved Podcast audience. So, here are the keynotes she gave on the topic of dwelling in the presence of God, and delighting in His glory, as the essence, goal and means of rest. 

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