The gift and the tree

Aug 28, 2021

At Christmas time, it makes sense to talk of gifts and trees.

But what if I told you that Heaven will boast a Gift and a Tree?

Jesus is the gift we celebrate at Christmas time. God became incarnate; the immortal Word took on flesh and became human. Jesus is our gift because God gave Him to us. There is nothing we can give God to get God--except our heart. 

The Cross is the Tree that graces Heaven. Apart from the Cross, Heaven would boast the unbroken harmony of the Trinity--and no humans. With the Cross, Jesus gives us the unfathomable gift of altering heaven forever by inviting us in. The Cross is the Tree that is the gateway to restoration and harmony, not only within the Godhead, but between God and man. 

Christmas reminds us of the gift and the tree. Christmas echoes Easter.

Easter reminds us of the gift and the tree. Easter echoes Christmas.

Heaven echoes the love of God who came to dwell among us. He came to die for us on the tree, so that we may receive the gift of Himself.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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