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gospel spice podcast shades of red Feb 15, 2022

Humanity | Loved. Created. Fallen. Redeemed.

Episode 135 - Stephanie invites us to ponder the consequences of what we discovered about the law of spiritual gravity in Episode 134. Make sure to have listened to it before you tune in for today! What does it mean to be "Shades of Red" as fallen humans? What are the consequences of the curse of sin in human relationships?

We saw that the adama-red of the adama-ground is for the first time an echo of the adama-blood of adama-man in death (Genesis 4:3-11). It was only the beginning. We have all chosen to experience evil—maybe not in the form of murder, but as anger or resentment at least. We have broken the spiritual law of gravity, and it has spiritually killed us as effectively as a jump off a 1,000-foot cliff would kill our body. Spiritual death means we are all separated from the Tree of Life by those sword-wielding cherubim (Genesis 3:24). The swords will kill us if we seek to approach a holy God, who is Life. True life is so much off limits, that death will worm its way into our physical life, and we will die physically even as we are dead spiritually. Death will become so prevalent, in fact, that all of creation will suffer echoes of the spiritual death of adama-man-ground. Choices have consequences, and we look at what they were for our ancestors: Eve will not understand Adam’s burden, nor he hers. And now, male ‘kai’ female is no more. They are estranged from and at odds with each other. Fascinatingly, it is the very first time that male and female are treated differently—as separate Selves. The first consequence of their common choice of Self over God is their separation. No more male ‘kai’ female until Christ unites us again, as Galatians 3:28 points out. Now there is conflict and division, a focus on Self, a quest for equality and rights or authority and power, instead of God’s pre-fall plan of unity and love.

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