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Mar 27, 2023

We invite you to consider Easter under a fresh light, a slightly different angle, maybe with a sprinkle of unexpected spices. Our goal today is to know Jesus more – because that is the essence of Easter. One of the best ways to experience Scripture afresh is to connect the Old and the New testaments, so today is about creating a sense of wonder and astonishment at the very event of Easter. We are entering the banquet that Joseph gave his brothers in Genesis 42-45 as the gateway to experience the Last Supper in the Upper Room – Jesus’ last meal with His disciples, and the instruction of the Communion. We will also study another key event that links the two and is linked to each of them, namely  PASSOVER – that will be instituted by God through Moses as they leave Egypt.

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Joseph’s banquet represents the entry to Egypt, the escape from famine and death. It is a family reunion and a hopeful new start for the young Jewish nation that is summed up in the 70 family members.

The last supper, taking place in the upper room on the night that Jesus was betrayed, the last night before he was killed, is a symbol of spiritual freedom. Just like Moses liberated the Jews from the physical oppression of the Egyptians, Jesus will liberate all who believe in Him from the spiritual oppression of sin and death. So Jesus is like Joseph in the sense that he provides escape from famine and death, and like Moses in the sense that he provides liberation from sin and death.

The last supper is a mix of two primary events, and it is also where Jesus gives us the sacrament of communion, or the Lord’s supper. Every Jew would celebrate Passover on that night, ever since they entered the Promised Land 1500 years earlier. This particular last supper is the last Passover, really, because the true Lamb of God has finally come to do what the Passover has been pointing to all these years. So today we are connecting Joseph’s banquet to the last supper with occasional connections with Passover because Passover and last supper are intricately linked in places. We will look at the central role of Egypt, the freedom from slavery, the preparations being made around these two feasts, the guests who attend, the atmosphere around the events, the revelations made, the restoration of relationships, and the entry into a glorious future, and even the promise of hardships. We will ponder the role of cups and promises, access to Kingdoms, and the reversals of true intimacy. We will end with the glorious feast of the Lamb that awaits every one of us as followers of Christ. Happy Easter!

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