Taste the delight and see the beauty of knowing Christ | with Tara-Leigh Cobble

Oct 24, 2022

Has reading the Bible ever felt like a chore? Have you ever wondered how to delight in God? How can love for God be your most tangible reality? How can we nurture a culture of curiosity and learning from one another, rather than be afraid of our differences? Stephanie welcomes Tara-Leigh Cobble, the founder and CEO of D-Group and host of the Bible Recap podcast—and, most importantly, fellow lover of Jesus Christ! Together they weave an impromptu conversation that invites you to TASTE the delight AND SEE the beauty of knowing Christ more deeply! Their contagious passion for Scripture, their eclectic experiences of cultures, and their common excitement about knowing Jesus more will inspire you to delight in Him in fresh, spicy new ways. Tara-Leigh shares about recent archeological discoveries in Israel - including a synagogue in Magdala where Jesus most likely taught, and the very palace of King david. She shares her passion for Israel because it is the best way to fall deeper in love with Jesus!!

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Tara-Leigh shares her concerns for our generation, and her perspective on how to inspire our generation to delight in God! She explains how the Bible went from boring and unpleasant, to delightful and her ultimate delight! She also draws out attention to the dangers of taking Bible verses out of context and the essential nature of placing our Bible readings within context. 

Finally, Tara-Leigh gives us a clear call to unity, humility, and curiosity. What can we learn from one another? How do cultures and personality differences enrich our lives instead of creating fear of difference?

Join them over a cup of coffee, with your Bible open and your heart ready to hear from God about how to grow your intimacy with Him today! Stephanie teared up and Tara-Leigh could not stop smiling from ear to ear—these are unmistakable pointers to God’s presence and goodness!


Tara-Leigh Cobble's zeal for Biblical literacy led her to create D-Group (Discipleship Group), which has grown into an international network of 300+ Bible studies that meet every week in homes, churches, and online. She also writes and hosts a daily radio show called "The God Shot", as well as a daily podcast called "The Bible Recap" to guide listeners through a chronological 1-Year Bible reading plan. The podcast has crossed over 140 million downloads and reached #2 on the Apple Podcast Top Overall Charts. More than 20,000 churches around the world have joined their reading plan to know and love God better. Her book The Bible Recap (Baker / Bethany House) and Bible study He’s Where the Joy Is (Lifeway) aim to help people not only understand Scripture but to love God more as a result!

For more information: taraleighcobble.com | thebiblerecap.com | mydgroup.org

Social media: @taraleighcobble | @thebiblerecap | @mydgroup

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