Surrendering to God's Guidance: The Key to Finding Your Green Light | with Katie Reid | episode 251

Oct 31, 2023

Embracing Weakness: The Power of Bringing Our Fragility to God's Strong Embrace

Stephanie Rousselle is joined by a special guest, Katie Reid, to dive into the topic of surrendering and finding strength in God. In this episode, Katie shares her insights on surrendering to God's will and finding identity in Christ. Together, Stephanie and Katie highlight the importance of recognizing our weaknesses and relying on God's guidance. Katie candidly reflects on her own journey of understanding the surrendered life, reminding us that surrender is not a one-time event, but a continuous process.

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Stephanie and Katie explore the concept of being "all in" for God, irrespective of whether we are task-oriented or not. They discuss the struggle of wanting to be productive and achieve our to-do lists while staying grounded in our relationship with God. Katie's book, "Made Like Martha," offers practical wisdom on how to surrender and find peace in our busy lives.

They encourage listeners to trust God and seek Him first in every aspect of their lives, using the example of Jesus' disciples who followed Him wholeheartedly. They discuss how rushing through our relationship with Jesus is like grabbing a quick meal from a drive-thru, while settling in and savoring His presence is like enjoying a slow-cooked meal with loved ones.

They speak of Peter walking on water and the profound lesson it teaches about stepping out of our comfort zones with God's strength. They remind us that our value comes from God, not from our accomplishments, inspiring us to relinquish our striving and settle in the grace He freely gives.

The Gospel Spice podcast, with its unique blend of biblical teachings and modern-day application, is here to help you deepen your faith and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and who we are in Him. We invite you to join us in this beautiful journey of surrender and discover the strength that comes from trusting in God completely.


Stephanie and Katie discussed the beauty of surrendering and finding our true identity in Christ. Here are three key takeaways from this inspiring conversation:

1️⃣ Seek God's guidance: Katie emphasized the importance of seeking God first and trusting His leading in our lives. It's essential to be in God's Word and surround ourselves with other believers, as it is one of the founding elements our personal relationship with Him. Quieting ourselves, praying, and journaling can all help us hear from God and untangle our thoughts.

2️⃣ Enjoy God's presence: Rather than solely seeking solutions or checking off our to-do lists, it's more important to build a relationship with God and enjoy His presence. Being "all in" for Him, regardless of our personality traits or tendencies, is crucial. Remember, just like a slow-cooked meal nourishes our bodies and souls, being with Jesus as a family member nourishes our spirits.

3️⃣ Surrender and find strength in weaknesses: Surrendering to God's control can be challenging, but it's an opportunity for growth and experiencing His goodness. We don't need to rely on our own strength or accomplishments to please Him. Instead, we can bring our weaknesses to Him, trusting that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Just like Jesus surrendered to the Father's will, we can enter into a covenant with God and let Him do the heavy lifting.


1. How has your understanding of surrendering to God's will evolved throughout your journey of faith?

2. What are some practical ways you can discern God's voice and guidance in your life?

3. How do you strike a balance between being a "doer" and finding your identity in Christ?

4. Have you ever struggled with feeling less spiritual because of societal pressures to be productive? How did you overcome it?

5. What areas of your life do you find it most challenging to surrender control to God? How can you invite Him into those areas more intentionally?

6. In what ways have you experienced the nourishment of a slow-cooked, intentional relationship with Jesus? How has that differed from a "drive-thru" kind of faith?

7. How can we shift our perspective from trying to impress God to simply enjoying Him and our relationship with Him?

8. What are some practical steps you can take to settle into your relationship with Jesus and savor the experience?

9. How can we find strength in surrendering to God's will and allowing Him to do the heavy lifting in our lives?

10. Reflecting on Jesus' statement "it is finished," how does it challenge your understanding of what it means to truly surrender and trust in God's all-sufficiency?


Katie Reid is a dynamic woman living in the heart of Michigan. She shares her life with her husband Adam, who serves as the lead pastor in their church. Together, they have raised five energetic children, spanning from age seven to nineteen. Boredom is never a word that describes Katie, as she is constantly engaged in various pursuits. She is notably recognized as the author of the book "Made Like Martha." Katie also dedicates her time to The Martha & Mary Show podcast, where she fervently encourages individuals to embrace their purpose while grounding themselves in the Word of God and embracing the freedom bestowed upon them by the Spirit. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, Katie Reid serves as an inspiring role model to all who cross her path.

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