Show me Your glory! | Statements to learn from. Episode 226

Aug 04, 2023

Do you feel restless, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, ashamed? Are you currently traversing a desert of despair? Or, are you in a season of plenty, joy, fullness and harvest? Whenever we experience life crises and difficulties, we can choose to pursue God deeper, or the relentless drift of events will cause us to move away from Him. It's a matter of perspective. Knowing Jesus is the only way to survive life. He invites us to experience Him in seasons of rest, summer, and plenty - where we hope you find yourself today - as well as in seasons of loneliness, desert, hardship and failure - where we have all been, and where we will probably find ourselves again at some point. Stephanie invites you to consider another angle to your pain and suffering during your pilgrimage on earth: what if seeking deeper intimacy with God was the secret to living life to the fullest? And, if you have heard this a million times and it sounds stale to you, what if this episode rekindled your perspective on your current life today?

We need to learn how to cling to Jesus, because He alone can carry us through the inevitable hardships of life. The presence of God is the reason why we seek to know Jesus, and the way we experience Him in our lives. God created us to experience intimacy with Him, and to enjoy Him. So, today, Stephanie invites us to ponder Moses' statement, "Show me Your glory" as an unexpected answer to Jesus' question, "Who touched Me?" which we experienced in our previous episode (see episode 224). Stephanie uses several insights from C.S. Lewis to draw us into deeper understanding of ourselves, our world, and ultimately, God Himself. We are living in the "shadowlands" and Jesus invites us, through Him, to get a glimpse of "real life" as defined by Heaven. 

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