Revealing Jesus in the context of His very own culture | episode 256

Nov 17, 2023

Stephanie invites you to meet Matthew, and to dive headfirst into the gospel he wrote, exploring its rich cultural background and understanding how it uniquely unfolds the life of Jesus.

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From the genealogy of Jesus all the way to the great commission, Matthew's Gospel carries a powerful message that transcends ethnic and cultural barriers. But first, let's acknowledge something crucial: the world has changed significantly since Matthew penned his gospel over 2,000 years ago. In fact, he assumed his audience, rooted in 1st century Jewish culture, would understand his own cultural references without needing further explanation.

In other words, certain cultural nuances and references may be lost on us as modern readers. Stephanie highlights that Matthew's original audience would have understood and appreciated these cultural references, which were deeply ingrained in their lives. Drawing from this, she emphasizes the need for cultural awareness in our Christian living to ensure that we fully grasp the richness and depth of Matthew’s Gospel.

This is where we often miss out on the nuanced flavors that Matthew's teachings offer. Together, we'll unpack the cultural richness behind Matthew's narrative and explore how it impacts our understanding of Jesus and our Christian living. From the shift in emphasis from a local Jewish context to a global perspective, to the significance of the term "church" and its implications across ethnic barriers, we'll embark on a journey that will broaden our horizons and ignite our faith.

Throughout the upcoming weeks and months, we invite you to join us as we experience the biography of Jesus through fresh and flavorful lenses. We invite you to join us on this exciting exploration of the Gospel of Matthew. Open your Bibles to the first book of the New Testament and let us together delve deep into the scriptures as we seek to experience the transformative power of God's Word.

We will be journeying through Matthew's biography of Jesus in a chronological order, uncovering the treasures that lay within each chapter. Matthew will highlight for us the power of Jesus' identity as God, King, and Messiah, made visible among other elements through Messianic miracles. As we journey through the pages of Matthew's Gospel, we hope to gain fresh insights, ignite our faith, and see Jesus in a whole new light.

Our desire is that you will have an explosion of faith and encounter Jesus in new and transformative ways. So, get ready to taste and savor the incredible flavors of the Gospel of Matthew.

May the words of Scripture leap off the page and into our hearts, transforming us into passionate followers of Jesus Christ!

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