Remaining YOU while raising THEM | with Alli Worthington | episode 225

Aug 01, 2023

Do you feel like other moms have it all together, while you struggle silently? Are you really enjoying the journey of parenthood… or are you just trying to survive? You are not alone! You want so much to be a "good" mom. Yet, you're afraid you aren't. There's hope. You are on the right track. Alli Worthington joins Stephanie today to address the mom who is ready to live a life outside the unachievable cliche of “Supermom” – regardless of the season of life you are in. This is NOT a conversation about parenting – this is a conversation about your personal wellbeing as you navigate motherhood. It is about your own wellness, so that you can love others well. It is about embracing a healthy mom mindset.

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So, whether you are considering starting a family, or whether your adult children are now raising their own babies, this conversation is for you! Also, this conversation will be eye-opening to all the men who want to understand how the moms in their lives struggle to hold it all together. Do you have a sister, daughter, or wife who is a mom too? This is for you!

If you’ve forgotten what it means to care for yourself while caring for others, this conversation is for you.

If you want to feel energized by motherhood, this conversation is for you.

If you constantly feel weighed down by mom guilt, this conversation is for you.

If you can’t stop comparing yourself to other moms, this conversation is for you.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your emotional, spiritual, and physical health, this conversation is for you.

If you can’t break the cycle of pleasing others, this conversation is for you.

If you crave more meaningful relationships with your children, this conversation is for you.

Alli tells us, “Drop the “good mom” myths that have been stealing your happiness. Rediscover the beautiful, joy-filled, sacred and secret art of confident motherhood.” If you’re ready to rewrite the parts of motherhood that are stressful and exhausting so you can raise your little–or not-so-little–humans with a healthy mom mindset, it’s time to discover the secret art of confident motherhood.


1. Have you ever felt overwhelmed or guilty after reading parenting books? How did it affect your parenting approach?

2. How do you think our own emotional and spiritual health as mothers impacts our relationship with our children?

3. Have you ever felt pressure to live up to societal expectations as a mother? How did you navigate through that pressure?

4. What have been some of the challenges and joys you've experienced as your children have grown older?

5. How do you define "mom guilt" and why do you think so many mothers experience it? How can we combat mom guilt in our own lives?

6. What are some ways that we unintentionally hinder our children's development by trying to do everything for them?7. How can we find a balance between being a supportive parent and allowing our children to experience their own struggles and failures?

8. Alli and Stephanie discuss the importance of experiencing God's love and understanding in the midst of pain. Have you ever gone through a period of feeling abandoned by God? How did you work through that?

9. How can we create a safe space for our children to be honest about their own doubts, disappointments, and feelings towards God?

10. How can we model resilience and faithfulness to our children, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?


You’re allowed to enjoy motherhood- and pursue it in your own unique way.

Remaining You While Raising Them will give you tools and a framework you can return to over and over as you pursue a life you love while raising children you love.

Alli says, “I know you want to be a wonderful mother. And you're worried you aren't. Whether you arrived at motherhood by birth, adoption, or marriage, you want to get it right. Me too. I spent too many years caught in the trap of lies that surround modern motherhood. I want more for you than that. You're worth it! This book will reassure you that you ARE worth it and give you the tools to enjoy motherhood more! Remaining You While Raising Them, may just change your life.”


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