Loving the least of these | fighting human trafficking in our own communities with Raleigh Sadler

gospel spice podcast shades of red Jan 12, 2022

What would happen if the local church followed in Jesus' footsteps to love the least of these?

Episode 131 – Get ready for a vulnerable, powerful conversation today with Raleigh Sadler, author, activist and global influencer against human trafficking. Raleigh shares his personal journey away from the comforts of an expected faith, and into the unexpected world of serving “the least of these” in the Name of Jesus. He tells Stephanie about facing his fears and how daring to be vulnerable with God and with others is the key to embracing weakness as Paul does, and to live the life that God created for us. It is not easy—it will actually require everything you have, and then some—but it is modeled after what our Lord has done for us. Today, we invite you to dare to take a small step towards embracing Stephanie’s favorite verse, Philippians 3:10: For my determined purpose is that I may KNOW Christ, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering.

As you discover practical ways to serve the orphan, the widow, the vulnerable and the least of these in your own communities, you will taste fresh flavors of fellowship with the One who left everything behind and made Himself vulnerable in the ultimate sense, so that in Him we may learn to be weak so that He may be strong.


Human trafficking can affect as many as 40.3 million people globally. The problem is that most often those who are trafficked are hidden in plain sight. Victims are often hidden behind our assumptions. In other words, human trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerabilities for commercial gain. Exploiters are looking for those who are marginalized and stigmatized. They are looking for the people who won't be noticed by society at large.

For this reason, human trafficking can happen anywhere because there are vulnerable people everywhere. But what would happen if the local church began to take notice of those who are most at risk of exploitation in their communities? Having served in Christian ministry since 2001, Raleigh Sadler believes that the local church is God's answer to those most vulnerable. Currently, he is the founder and executive director of Let My People Go. His passion is to see the local church fight global injustices, like human trafficking, by loving those whom traffickers most often target. His passion is to see the local church fight global injustices, like human trafficking, by loving those most vulnerable. He believes that the church should be leading the way in the fight against human trafficking because the Gospel frees us to pursue justice and mercy in our communities. With this message, he has worked with churches, universities, and other collaborative organizations around the country. He believes it is the responsibility of the church to love those who are at risk of exploitation. His most recent book, Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking (Broadman and Holman) is available now.

Discover more at https://www.lmpg.org/

Let My People Go is dedicated to building a network of well-equipped churches capable of loving those most vulnerable in their churches and communities. Practically, this "love" is evidenced throughout the congregation as the church identifies, empowers, protects, and includes those who traffickers would normally target. While any church can begin a ministry to the vulnerable, not every church can actually sustain this ministry overtime.  For this reason, Let My People Go paces with each church as they aim to empower their congregation to care for the hurting in their respective communities.

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