Living life with Jesus as your closest, most present friend | with Jared C. Wilson | Episode 241

Sep 26, 2023

Stephanie welcomes pastor and author Jared Wilson for an intriguing conversation about what a true, authentic friendship with Jesus feels and tastes like. They talk about how it will transform your life, and your very identity. It is about knowing Christ, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship in His sufferings – as Paul tells us in Philippians 3:10, which is Stephanie’s favorite verse and lifelong quest! So, you are invited to join this conversation to embrace friendship with Christ in ways that will take you deeper than any other relationship on earth.

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Stephanie and Jared talk about what friendship is – what is has been historically, and what our modern technologies have turned it into. They discuss the importance of a lifelong quest for humility as the key to ever-deepening intimacy with Christ. They talk about the danger and reality of staleness with Him and how to remedy. They talk about that “holy heartburn” the disciples on the way to Emmaus experienced when Christ gave them the greatest, most comprehensive Bible study ever – and how we can join in on the experience. Jared touches on the importance of suffering in the midst of life as a touchpoint towards Christ – much as we would rather avoid it.

Stephanie reads all the books whose authors she welcomes here at Gospel Spice (yes, that is a LOT of reading). But once in a while, a book draws her in so deeply, and resonates with her own longing so closely, that she finds herself lingering within its pages and relishing its flavors. So it was with Jared’s book, “Friendship with the Friend of sinners.” So, listen in, and then consider grabbing your own copy – for yourself and for a friend! Stephanie suspects you will be glad you did.


Jared C. Wilson is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Author in Residence at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastor and Director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. An award-winning author of over 20 books, Jared also hosts the For The Church Podcast and co-hosts The Art of Pastoring Podcast, which is published by Christianity Today.

Jared is not a catalytic "agent of change" or a visionary anything. He is a failed church planter and once made a mess of his marriage. He likes food too much and worries way too much about what people think, and he's definitely not all that he's cracked up to be. After nearly 30 years of ministry, he's mainly learned that he's kind of a nincompoop. But he knows Jesus loves him.

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Are you longing for true connection? The Bible calls Jesus the friend of sinners, but it’s hard to imagine what friendship with Jesus really looks like. How are we supposed to feel that close to a holy, perfect, and invisible God? How do we see Jesus as the real person he is? And how do we experience true friendship with him when we struggle to maintain true friendship on earth?

Join author Jared C. Wilson as he explores what it means to be a friend of Jesus. Through candid personal stories and insights into the Gospels, Wilson uncovers easily overlooked details of the close relationship Jesus had with his followers. He reveals the ways we often hold Jesus at arm’s length and shows how to draw close to him through radical honesty, consistent communication, and unconditional love.

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