January gloom and gospel glee

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021

January is a rough month. Bad weather, low sunlight, long nights, dreary cold. My kids just finished their mid-term exams. In the air hangs this general feeling that we need to push through for another two months or so--until spring comes.

How do you make it through winter? And I don't just mean the weather. How do you make it through your spiritual winters--when everything seems gloomy and God's presence seems but a dim memory?

I love to be encouraged by others in my seasons of spiritual dryness. In our amazing day and age, it means I can tune in to my favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime--when gloom threatens to engulf my day in dark clouds. It is my greatest honor and humble privilege to serve you by joining you in your own dark days through Gospel Spice. We are pondering deep topics--right now, temptation! Our own, and Jesus'. I mean it when I say we're making it through winter, one day at a time, holding hands in brotherly and sisterly unity.

Check out this winter-appropriate mini-series on temptation!

How good is good enough?

Forged in Fire

Just a side note, since we're among friends. God has blessed us with a diversity of gifts, all meant to allow us to come alongside one another. He has given me the gift of teaching. It's no better or no worse than any of the other gifts He gives His people. He calls us to exercise our gifts--that's why I teach. I don't do it to make a name for myself. That's gross. I do it because that's what God created me to do. And so, if you enjoy Gospel Spice, would you take the step to share it with people you know? That's how we reach the world for Christ. Gospel Spice is currently being listened to in 22 countries. That's because YOU share it. So keep sharing. And I'll keep teaching! Pinky promise. :)

Soli Deo Gloria. To God all the glory, and to us, all the delight!

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