It's official! Gospel Spice Podcast will be on your phone on October 1st!

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021

I am excited beyond words to share with you the exciting news that Gospel Spice Podcast will be released October 1st! Look for it on your favorite Podcast App! And join us for a fabulous Facebook launch party soon!

Please join me in prayer for this new endeavor to truly bring a smile on God's Face. My team and I have been on our knees before the Throne for months, on behalf of every single person who will subscribe and listen to Gospel Spice, the podcast that spices up your time with God!

Our goal is to create a moment for you to meet with God at a deeper level every week, wherever you are--during your commute, on your treadmill, in the waiting lines and rooms, or while cooking dinner! We also want to make it super easy to share the Gospel with everyone you know--all you gotta do is hit that share button!

I am working around the clock to finalize everything for you. In the mean time, check out my Trois Minute vlogs about Gospel Spice to discover exclusive sneak peeks!

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