Identify and battle anxiety, depression and boundary concerns | Christ-centered soul wellness with Lindsay and Stephanie

Aug 08, 2022

Have you recently wondered if you are going crazy, or if it is the world around us that has gone mad? Today, Stephanie welcomes dear friend and Gospel Spice team member Lindsay, who is a Christian psychotherapist with over 20 years of professional experience helping believers and non-believers through the struggles of life. Lindsay shares that she is seeing a greater than ever proportion of patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, and/or boundary concerns, and a lot of teenagers too. So, she describes for us some of the symptoms of these presentations in order to help each one of us assess if we are experiencing some form of anxiety or depression, or go to the root of some of our relational tensions. She then takes us to the origin of the problem in Genesis 3 before she offers simple, practical DIY tips to overcome early stages of anxiety, depression and relational boundary issues. You will leave this conversation, having identified if you are even mildly struggling with these issues, and having practical, daily tips to start or continue the journey out of these difficult struggles.

Lindsay gives us permission to struggle, and hope to know it is only temporary. She reminds us of our deep identity IN CHRIST, in the great I AM in whose strength we rest. She reminds us of our role to be ambassadors and stand-ins for God to one another as image bearers. So, if you or a loved one are struggling with any of these descriptions, you will be encouraged as you are reminded of you true and deepest identity.

The seemingly simple choices that Lindsay offers as practical solutions are indeed simple - but the key is in their daily, consistent implementation. It is simple, but not necessarily easy - which is why we need community with one another and most of all, with God Himself. We will discover once again that it all boils down to who we know and experience God to be.

Lindsay referenced a most useful book, BOUNDARIES by Cloud and Townsend. Here is an amazon link to purchase it:


Disclaimer - you may need professional help, and we warmly encourage you to seek it if you need it!

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