"Here I am." | Answering Christ's questions | episode 222

Jul 21, 2023

"Here I am, Lord." These are familiar words. We have heard them from the lips of ancient heroes of the faith -- Abraham, Moses, Samuel, and more. But what did they really mean? What do WE mean when we dare speak them? Or do we know them to be so dangerous, we are not sure we are ready to whisper them under our breath, to the One who listens?

Stephanie guides us through Scripture to find the geographical, emotional and mental places where these words are spoken. She then takes us to modern-day Hebrew language and religious culture through the Hebrew word for "here I am" -- heenani. It means more than catches the eye, and points to Jesus. Of course, it does - it is part and parcel of Scripture, the Word who points to the One. This episode is an invitation to experience Jewish insights into Messiah that only make sense in Christ. It is an invitation to worship afresh the One who is our King, our God, our Savior, our Intercessor, our Friend - the One who, ultimately, comes to us, saying, "Here I am."

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1. What can we learn from the story of Samuel's calling and how can we apply it in our lives?

2. How did Abraham's response of "Here I am" to God's call change the course of his life and what can we learn from it?

3. What is the significance of the Hinani prayer in Jewish Orthodox theology and how does it relate to our Christian faith?

4. How can we practice humility and acknowledge our unworthiness before God, as expressed in the Hinani prayer?

5. How does the role of a worship leader, such as a Chazan, differ between Jewish Orthodox and Christian communities?

6. How can we love God and others with both Agape and Phileo love, as discussed in the episode?

7. How does the concept of communal prayer in Judaism compare to what we see in Christian worship services?

8. How can we ensure that our own inadequacies don't hinder the prayers we offer on behalf of others?

9. How can we respond with "Here I am" to Jesus's call to love and follow him?

10. In what ways can we grow in intimacy with God through our own research and study of Scripture?

This series is an invitation to immerse yourself in the various ways God communicates to us, and us to Him. So pay attention, He is here and willing to whisper in your ear.

A word of caution: don’t come to Scripture with the agenda of finding yourself there. Right now we are going to take Scripture in. Like breathing, like eating, like smelling a flower. Don’t come to Scripture with the agenda of finding yourself there. Come with the firm intention of discovering God instead. And then Scripture will never disappoint. God promises to be found in the places where He dwells – His Word especially. And in the process, you will undoubtedly find yourself as you find Him. So as we enter the hallowed pages of Scripture together, through a humble doorway and a very simple story, ask yourself: what is this telling me about Jesus?

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