"Have you not read the Scriptures?" | Jesus asks | Part 2 | Episode 230

Aug 18, 2023

As Stephanie invites you to continue your exploration of reading and interpreting the Scriptures correctly, we delve into the importance of seeking Jesus in the Bible and warn against misinterpreting the Scriptures. We are continuing our exploration of Jesus’ question, “Have you not read the Scriptures” with a focus on personal application.

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Come and learn about the dangers of seeking to find ourselves in the Bible rather than seeking Jesus. Together, we also highlight how the Holy Spirit guides us to see Jesus in the Old Testament. For example, Stephanie suggests that you randomly flip open the Bible and let the Holy Spirit guide you to a passage where you will sit until the Holy Spirit shows you Jesus through the words on the page. We invite you to glorify the Father through the Son! So, today, pursue the beauty of finding Jesus in the Old Testament!

As always, the Gospel Spice podcast infuses deep biblical teachings with a dash of French culture to help listeners grow in their relationship with God and taste the different spices the Gospel has to offer.


  1. The importance of discipline in reading and interpreting the Scriptures

- Three levels of misinterpreting the Scriptures: ignorance, unbelief, and rebellion

- Rebellion as the worst sin because it is a conscious decision to reject God

- Role of the Holy Spirit in interpreting Scripture and convicting us of our sin

  1. Seeking Jesus in the Bible rather than just ourselves

- If we approach the Scriptures to find ourselves, we will miss Jesus

- If we seek Jesus, we will find ourselves in the process

- Pursuing the beauty of finding Jesus in the Old Testament

- Recommending randomly flipping open the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit to guide to a passage where they can see Jesus

- The goal of glorifying the Father through the Son by allowing the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see the goodness of the Lord in our lives through the pages of Scripture


  1. Why is it important to approach the Scriptures from a perspective of seeking Jesus instead of just finding ourselves?
  2. What role does the Holy Spirit play in understanding and interpreting Scripture?
  3. How can we avoid the sin of rebellion in our interpretation of the Scriptures?
  4. What are some practical ways to seek and find Jesus in the Old Testament?
  5. How can we cultivate discipline in our daily reading and study of the Bible?
  6. Have you ever randomly opened the Bible and the pages led you to a specific passage that spoke to your current situation? Share your experience.
  7. Do you agree with Stephanie’s assertion that rebellion is worse than ignorance or unbelief? Why or why not?
  8. What can we do to ensure that we are not using the Scriptures to justify our own desires or agendas?
  9. How can we balance knowledge and faith when studying Scripture?
  10. Can you share a Bible passage that has recently impacted your life? How did it affect you?

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